I am Keith Sullivan, and have been in business for 20 tiring, exciting and fulfilling years. Starting out in the recruitment industry, I now run a business that imports products from China and India and sells them in the US and the UK.

I have a beautiful family and a wonderful dog, which gives me the inspiration and motivation to rise in the morning- the family does the inspiring, and the dog does the motivating when it’s much too early to feel unadulterated licks across the face.

I absolutely love business. I find it fascinating how one can go about it in so many different ways, and end up in all but two places: standing up, and getting back up after a stumble. I find it quite the latter quite difficult both literally and figuratively, though to be fair, I play it off rather well.

Why I made this blog?

Business is a fun game play, depending on how you look at it. The stakes are always high, and the risks remain but the rewards are great- far greater than a couple billion pounds. Nothing can take the place of personal fulfillment and leaving a legacy behind.

Like any game, however, it is riddled with obstacles. I have learned a thing or two across my 20 long years in business, and there are things that I have learned the hard way that I do not wish on any other, and would like to share with readers.

On the other hand, I love this game. There is nothing quite like landing a great deal and capitalizing on opportunities that present themselves. Another thing I love is success, which is what this blog is all about. I love to write about the success of other people, interviewing the existing successful, and writing about how others can achieve similar success, though mileage may vary, of course.

There are still times.

Once in a while, everybody takes a look at someone immensely successful and say “Man, I wish I could be that guy.” We’ve all had that moment, and we tend to forget that they are people too. With no apologies for that awful cliche, it is quite true that they do bleed, sweat and cry on occasion. We unfortunately also do forget, along the same lines, that we have just as much capability to achieve what they did.

One tends to wonder, however, how they do things differently- what had set them apart from the rest of the population. Circumstances are no longer a viable justification, as a large portion of successful businessmen had started with absolutely nothing, and in horrible conditions.

Google searches have proven that they do have certain things they do differently, such as morning routines, nightly routines and bathroom routines, and we will go into great detail about that in some posts, as this blog is meant to be insightful, and experience has proven that the restroom is a ceramic hub of wonderful insights.

How we measure success matters a great deal in how we view ourselves in the business world. Bank accounts notwithstanding, the fulfillment we gain and the knowledge that we excel in our trade make great gauges. Those who stood at the top all viewed success in their own way, and that is another thing that I love to explore.

I’ll be doing a great deal of babbling in this blog, though they will be well formatted and contain information that are actually quite useful, information that I have soaked up like a sponge every single time I fell face flat into a puddle. After all, when you fall, you walk away with a wounded pride but know where not to step next time.

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