People are opportunities.

People are opportunities just waiting to happen. Partnerships may be formed, knowledge may be gained and information may be obtained- networking is not just important for sales numbers, but is an opportunity for a sales pitch, a presentation, a story, and, if you’re lucky, a friendship. Steve Jobs met Steve Wozniak through a common friend.

Somebody is always going to be better than you.

In business, the most important thing is to never stop learning. Being in communication with like minded people of a wide range of skills and talents does wonders for learning and overall growth. It’s always important to know that there are people out there who work harder, have had more experience and who are just better than you who have a thing or two to say that can help you move forward.

Every chance I have at communicating with others, I jump on it. Drop me an email at and let’s talk business.

I respond to all emails, I do, and that has served me well given how many great friends I have found through the page. Personal relationship can be a thousand times more valuable than any suitcase full of money, and there’s nothing I love more than hearing ideas from other people and trading and sharing knowledge. Sometimes, I just enjoy a good chat as well.

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