What is 2 Factor Authentication & Why Should You Use It?

What is 2 Factor Authentication & Why Should You Use It?

In response to this growing threat, the world of cybersecurity is evolving at a rapid pace. Newer, more robust authentication methods are being developed to fortify our digital defenses. Multi-factor authentication (MFA), for instance, adds an extra layer of security by requiring additional information beyond just a username and password.

This could be a temporary code sent to your mobile device, a fingerprint scan, or even facial recognition. These additional steps significantly enhance the security of your accounts, making it exponentially harder for unauthorized users to gain access. As the cyber landscape continues to evolve, it’s imperative that we stay vigilant and adopt these advanced security measures to safeguard our valuable personal information.

Most of the time, the only thing that keeps malicious users out of an account is the combination of username and password. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are becoming increasingly adept at gaining access to personal data and working out how to crack through usernames and passwords.

Enter 2 factor authentication.

What is 2 Factor Authentication?

A username and password only offer a single barrier to entry. If that username and password are compromised, a cybercriminal can gain access – this is a single-factor authentication system. As you can probably guess, 2-factor authentication might also be known as multi-factor authentication (MFA), as it can have multiple layers of security checks apart from username and password.

Two Factor authentication combines two of these three factors.

  • Something the user knows, such as a PIN or secondary password.
  • Something the user owns, such as a mobile phone that can be sent a unique code each time access is required.
  • A part of the user’s biology, such as their fingerprint or retina.

So, why should you adopt 2-factor authentication?

In a nutshell, 2-factor authentication is crucial because it prevents unauthorized access to your account, especially from remote and unsecured logins. It’s a robust defense against various malicious attacks like phishing, account takeover fraud, and social engineering. By requiring an extra layer of security, it significantly reduces the risk of your account being compromised.

Inexpensive Solution

There are quite a few tools that business owners can use to improve their security, but many of them cost a pretty penny. More expensive security tools can be ideal for companies responsible for handling extremely sensitive data, but 2 factor authentication is perfect for covering most security needs without breaking the bank. Installing one-time password generation software onto your employee’s phones, for example, is quick, easy, and very inexpensive.

Improved Security

The most immediately obvious benefit is also the most important: 2 factor authentication significantly improves security. A password can be lost or hacked. Some people will even leave them written down, and it’s common for people to use the same password and username across multiple platforms. With 2 factor authentication, you’ll add another line of defence.

Added Flexibility

Improved security is far from the only advantage that comes with 2 factor authentication. You’ll also allow different users to log in to a shared system or database, something that is becoming increasingly necessary with more and more people working remotely. With employees able to access critical systems on the go, these business challenges will be solved and productivity is going to improve.

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