3 Common Safety Issues in the Mining Industry

3 Common Safety Issues in the Mining Industry

The mining industry is a lucrative one, for both those who run a mine, and those who work within them. However, the mining industry is also renowned for being a risky business and can pose many health problems as well lead to serious injuries if rules and regulations are not put in place or followed properly. Miners need to protect themselves so that they can continue to work and lead full lives.

Luckily, there has been an introduction of stricter and safer legislations and protocols within the mining industry. Besides that, all workers who carry out mining processes, underground or otherwise, should be given strict training such as the Confined Space Training and other Safety Training, to ensure that they are aware of all protocols and practice maximum precautions when working. This has seen a drop in fatality rates and also helped provide a safer and less hostile work environment for miners worldwide.

Do you work in the mining industry or are you looking to land your first job as a miner? Whatever the answer, it is in your best interests to learn the common safety issues within the mining industry so that you can best protect yourself.

1. Coal Dust

There is a huge risk of inhaling coal dust, and considering you are working within an environment surrounded by coal and coal dust, you need to ensure that you do everything in your power to lessen the risks of ‘miner’s lung’ or ‘black lung.’ Of course, it is a legal obligation to have measures in place to reduce the likelihood of developing ‘miner’s lung.’ However, there are new cases that develop every year.

Supervisors should ensure that their team of miners are wearing the appropriate gear to reduce the likelihood of developing such a respiratory issue. You should also train yourself or your team so that they know how to use the respiratory protection properly.

2. Whole Body Vibration (WBV)

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is a common physical issue that is prevalent with any worker that uses heavy machinery. WBV occurs within the mining industry because miners may find themselves using or sat on machinery that vibrates for long periods of time, and while it is difficult to counter this issue, there are ways to do so. You should reduce the time spent using such machinery, swapping the job between miners so that one person isn’t on the machine for too long. Common signs of WBV are musculoskeletal disorder, vision impairment, digestive problems, cardiovascular changes, and damage to reproductive systems in females.

3. Combustion Systems

Combustion systems are used across the globe, with many industries relying on them. However, they can cause serious harm if not used properly or effectively. The best way to avoid any accidents is to ensure that you are properly caring for your combustion system by regularly cleaning them and checking that they are working properly. You should also educate all your workers on how to use the combustion systems. For more information on how to keep your combustion systems in good working order and your workers safe, head to

The best way to protect yourself or your workers from mining injuries is to educate them on how to use the tools properly and to ensure that they speak up if there are any issues. Proper protection can also lessen the risk of developing injuries.

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