4 key skills to succeed in business

Becoming a successful entrepreneur and running a reputable business requires a number of key skills. The four below are, according to leading businesses, the most important for success.


Success in the corporate world is most often in terms of sales revenue and profit. Although marketing campaigns help drive customers to businesses and the latest technology will help to do this, sales are mostly about acquiring the skills to maintain long-term business relationships that lead to results. In such cases, training programs offered by reputed firms such as Sandler are generally considered by many companies. The sales team may be able to close more profitable deals and sell more products as a result of the training. Having said that, well-trained sales teams are more likely to outsell their competitors and establish lasting relationships with their clients.

As business strategist John Mulry says, ‘Sales in business, at the end of the day is one of the key benchmarks for business success. It doesn’t matter if your business creates one job or a thousand; if it uses the shiniest new technology or if it has more apps than an android market; if your business isn’t generating sales you’re dead in the water.’



Negotiation is one of the hardest but most vital skills to master. Negotiation in business plays a particularly crucial role in securing deals and contracts, avoiding conflicts, and improving relations among with clients. In order to be an expert in negotiation it may require professional negotiation training and courses through unique programs, specialised courses and expert advice from companies like The Gap Partnership. Acquiring and perfecting negotiation skills might be the difference between success and disappointment.


Industry is more competitive than ever and having the ability to communicate in the workplace has become imperative. Working in a professional and fast-paced environment means that a high level of communication is paramount to employers who are looking to attract those able to effectively communicate, adapt and function in complex corporate settings. Employees who can relate to others, reason well, and build relationships and trust are in high demand.



The delivery of high customer satisfaction is something that all good businesses strive towards. After all, the customer is always right – and is the ultimate arbiter of success or failure. Customer focus has become momentous in understanding what clients want. Successful businesses aim to not only meet customers’ demands, but exceed them. High customer satisfaction focuses on all the little details – from initial contact (where communication skills play a big part), to building long-standing relationships, and generating results.

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