4 tricks you’re missing when it comes to styling your executive office

4 tricks you’re missing when it comes to styling your executive office

Your work space can disclose a lot about your personality, professionalism and work ethic. How your colleagues and clients perceive you could be determined by how you choose to tailor your professional space. So, to impress your workforce, you may want to take these four decor tricks into consideration when it comes to styling your executive office.

Upgrade your desk set-up

In your office, it’s likely that your desk is the focal point of the room and, as a senior member of the company, you probably spend a substantial amount of time in front of your computer. So, to get your job done in comfort and style, you may want to consider replacing this particular piece of furniture. Check out office furniture providers and design magazines for style inspiration. If you want to get a feeling for how a piece of furniture operates, companies such as Calibre have showrooms that you can visit. Alternatively, you could check out your friends’ and colleagues’ desks to find out what you think works well. For a modern look, why not go for a sleek and sophisticated glass topped design, or keep it traditional with a desk made out of rich oak? Additionally, you may find it beneficial to opt for a model that has in-built storage too. It is important to try to find the right furniture for your office space to increase the comfort and efficiency of the workforce, and also make the most of the office space you have available. Once the office has new furniture it can really make a difference to the work environment, so make sure you don’t shy away from upgrading various aspects of your office.

Add a little greenery

From a tiny-sized bonsai tree to a potted succulent, plants in an office are not only visually pleasing but they have other benefits too. From reducing stress to providing a sense of freshness, placing some pretty planters around your office is a simple style tip you might be missing out on. Pick a couple of your favourite types of plants to have about your desk, in the corner of the room or even on a window ledge. To keep it easy, you could choose ones that are low maintenance and require little care. Incorporating some life into your office space is bound to make it feel more welcoming for visitors.

Improve your lighting

You may want to consider upgrading your lighting. Dark or harsh lighting could come across as intimidating or unwelcoming to your employees and clients. So, to make visitors to your office feel comfortable and at ease, you may want to make some changes to these fixtures. The illuminations you choose to use should be bright, however you may also want to take advantage of any natural sunlight you have coming into the room too. If your office vibe is casual and modern, you may even be able to make a neon light from somewhere like a part of your office in order to add light and art to the space. Good lighting really can make a big difference to the experience people have in your office, so it’s worth taking the time to get this right. If you do not have a good idea of how to design the space and make the best use of lighting, consider getting in touch with a firm that specializes in office refurbishments. They could help out with perfect design elements and also help with ideas for new lighting.

Get decorative

From artwork to ornaments, there are whole range of decorative accessories you could include to style up your work space. What you choose to place on your desk or hang on your walls can reveal a lot about your personality and taste. However, in a working environment, it’s likely you’ll want to come across as a professional, so you may want to give it some careful thought. You could perhaps opt for attractive pieces of artwork or simply add a photograph of your loved ones to your desk.

Taking these four tips and tricks onboard should help you to successfully style up your executive office and create the perfect working space.

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