5 Interesting Ways to Coat a Surface for Added Protection and Durability

5 Interesting Ways to Coat a Surface for Added Protection and Durability

Having a new piece of furniture or new floors getting all full of scuff marks or dents is not the way you would want to get started. Adding a layer of protection to the surface is a great way to increase the longevity and durability so you can get the most out of the item. A little bit of time and effort can make any surface look new again and the right choice in the coating can protect it in the long run, making less waste and redoing it over time. There are classic choices like paint or more modern choices you can click here to learn more about.

  1. Paint

Paint is a great way to redo a surface but add some personality as well as a coated surface that will last. From outdoor chairs and tables to each wall in your house, there are different finishes of paint that will provide different layers of protection depending on what the goal is. Since bathrooms tend to have a lot of moisture in them, a glossy type paint is more resistant to mildew and showing any condensation lines from showering and splashes from sinks and tubs.

Does furniture need sprucing up? The elements can really do a number on furniture, especially when it’s outside during multiple seasons. A new layer of paint or a stain can refresh the furniture. New paint types specifically meant for outdoor use will withstand the outdoor weather better and add a layer of protection to the furniture as well. Decking can be painted or even stained to protect it from snow, wind, and rain. The different color choices are always changing and there is sure to be one that will fit your liking.

  1. Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin is a clear coat that is used to protect a variety of surfaces. From floors to tabletops to kitchen countertops, epoxy creates a smooth, shiny finish that seals the product against dampness. Epoxy can be used both inside and out, from garage floors to a yard sale table that is in need of a refinishing. With it being so easy to use, it is now being shown in many do-it-yourself home improvement videos. The cost-effective resin is sure to add a protective layer to your project and add shine and beauty as well.

  1. Modge Podge

While it is sold in a little retro, nineteen-seventy looking bottle, Modge Podge is typically thought of as a craft store project for kids. Not only is it inexpensive, but it can add layers and layers of a clear coat to any type of project. Take a dresser that has been passed down from generation to generation or picked up from an upcycle, sand it down, add some painted designs or even paper flowers or pictures, and seal them all in with Modge Podge. You now have a reclaimed dresser that is full of personality and didn’t spend a fortune doing it. A simple wooden mirror frame can be painted or decoupaged then sealed with the Modge Podge to create a beautiful keepsake for children, brides, or families. That protective coating will prevent anything from damaging the layers underneath and seals everything in for years to come.

  1. Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a less messy way to create a thick layer of coating on a surface. Because it is sprayed on as a powder, and not an emulsified liquid, it’s creates a more even and level coat. Mainly used for equipment made from metal, many of your home appliances may be powder coated and you might not even know it. Powder coating is also used for many bicycles as well as cars. The beautiful finish we see on a car we like also protects it from minor scrapes and bumps when we park in a parking lot. The variety n color and the hardeners in it make it the ideal choice for many metal projects. Artists that work in larger-than-life metal sculpting may choose powder coating as their paint of choice, especially if they plan on installation in an outdoor sculpture park or in a town center.

  1. Concrete

Concrete floors are a newer trend that is definitely on the rise. The floor itself is a major bonus if you’re looking for a durable floor that won’t need any maintenance and creates a very neat finish to a more modern home. Concrete can also be a very cost-efficient way to get a durable surface for a long-lasting product. The concrete floor could be further strengthened with a gypsum concrete cover, which could help prolong its life. Not only is it being used for floors, but it is also a good option for outside as well since it needs very little maintenance. The finished result could be much smoother and stamped to look like paving stones as well. This gives the same look but at a much lower price tag. From outdoor walkways to stamped concrete instead of paving stones around a pool, concrete has come a long way since the basic poured pads of the past decades.


There are many options out there to create a beautiful surface in your home or other area. There are also many different finishes to choose from, whether you are looking for a full-on high glossy look, to a more matte and dull finish, each product line has many versions to look for.

The benefit of using one of these finishes would be that the product that is getting a new coat on it will last much longer. The product can also gain a lot of added beauty as well as the lasting power to withstand much more. Being able to take some furniture or old flooring and restore it to its former beauty and glory or making it your own rather than the previous owner’s style is a great way to get creative and having something of your own.

Overall, all it takes to start is to decide what kind of finish you would like (matte or shiny) then a type of color (clear or colorful), and get your hands on the actual products to create a lifelong finish of your own.

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