Become a Finance Expert

Become a Finance Expert

As a Finance Expert, you will be: participating in a wide array of important conversations. You will be making detailed, step by step explanations, answering many complex questions. you will also be making revisions on the fly with a collaborative group of editors. As a Finance Expert you will be the go to person for investment ideas, tools, advice and support for your clients. As a Finance Expert you will be considered an asset by your clients, trusted advisor, and be looked up to by your peers as a role model.


To succeed as a Finance Expert you must be willing to learn. You must always be learning new information and application of that knowledge in your work. You must have an open mind because new ideas will emerge from your research and experience. The great thing about being a Finance Expert is that if it suits you and your clients, then by all means go for it. Otherwise you will be stuck in the same rut of financial failure and frustration.


As an expert who has spent years gaining expertise and insights into investment banking, tax laws, banking regulation, and more, I want to share my observations and training in order to help future finance experts better themselves. First, as a Finance Expert you must understand and document your methodologies and final rules for applying any investment strategy. This documentation is called the “Forex Technical Analysis Final Rules” or FTA for short. This is the backbone of your investment management system.


Second, I recommend that all finance experts create and maintain their own “auditor-complaint committee”. This is an important part of being an expert as this committee serves two purposes. First, the members of the audit-complaint Committee can ensure that you are following the rules, which will ultimately increase your value and reputation as an investment banker. Secondly, the members of the audit-complaint Committee can provide insight into areas of your business that could use some additional attention. If you have not had the benefit of experience as an investment banker, then this group can provide you with invaluable advice on how to better manage risk in your overall strategic plan.


The most successful finance experts take full advantage of their “auditor-complaint-chairman” or “audit-complaint-commissioner” role. This individual is responsible for thoroughly reviewing and thoroughly evaluating all internal controls and procedures and recommending appropriate changes based upon his or her experience as an investment banker. All financial experts should meet this strict standard. However, it is equally important for you as an investor to take full advantage of the services of your “auditor-complaint-commissioner”. This individual will have years of experience as an investment banker and will be able to provide you with important and insightful advice based upon his or her past experiences.


Last, but certainly not least, as an owner of a business you should engage the services of at least one expert who has both the skill set necessary to assist you in achieving your long term business goals while at the same time meets the fiduciary standard. The skills required of this type of expert include being a CPA and being board certified. As one expert told me: “board certified public accountants are dime a dozen… but until you have one of those skills you are basically just paying lip service to the laws.” Having only one expert who meets these high standards is extremely valuable because it allows you to get the maximum return on your investment while also insuring that you are protecting your hard earned asset (your business) from unscrupulous individuals with the potential to destroy it.

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