Boosting workforce morale by creating an uplifting office space

Boosting workforce morale by creating an uplifting office space

Today’s offices are a far cry from the drab and dismal ones of the past. In most cases, faded cream and green painted colour schemes are long gone, along with uncomfortable seating and rows of feature-free desk space.

Technology has been partly responsibly for the changes, as smaller flat panel screens have replaced large CRT monitors, and cloud systems mean that huge column computers aren’t needed at ever terminal.

Of course, there is far more to the beneficial designs of a modern office than simply the technology and equipment that is now likely to be found in it.

Companies big and small realised that making a working environment as pleasant, enjoyable and comfortable as possible leads to greater productivity, so this matter is taken very seriously indeed.

Clutter free

Any moves that can boost employee morale should be a priority for any business, and making sure that offices are worker friendly is one of the most basic things that can be done to achieve this aim.

A clean, clutter-free office space can really make a difference, as well as go a long way to adhering to various health and safety regulations.

Just remember to organize for a professional Dumpster Rental company, in plenty of time before the decluttering process, as they can provide you with all the necessary resources to remove any unwanted furniture in a safe and orderly fashion, keeping your employees as safe as possible throughout.

Redesigning a space from scratch might not be possible due to cash constraints, but even then there are many ways that office design can be improved for the benefit of all concerned.

Collaborative spaces

Staying put in one place all day can not only be unhealthy, but it can also sap moral and have an adverse effect on productivity.

Being able to move around an office can make for a totally different atmosphere, and by creating collaborative spaces, you can encourage employees to share expertise and skills, whilst they can also use them for a change of scenery.

An option for the collaborative workspace could be a modular office made with shipping containers, which would feature dedicated workstations, continuous electricity, climate control, and restrooms. The setup of such offices usually doesn’t require a major investment and can be completed in a relatively short period of time. On the internet, you can find informative blogs and articles, if you wish to read more about it. In addition, you can try other innovative ways to make your work environment more collaborative and employee-friendly.


Colour schemes are really important, as different shades have been proven to illicit mood and behaviour changes.

Lighter neutral tones are known to create a sense of calm by giving a space a feeling of openness, while warm vibrant colours can actually improve creativity.

By carefully choosing a colour scheme that is reflected in interior design and company branding, you can thematically link everything together into one seamless whole. The colour scheme can be used to help create an effective commercial fit out, ensuring the design of the space is a reflection of the company’s brand and identity.

Natural lighting

Flooding a space with natural light isn’t always possible, but unless your office is in a deep dark basement, there should be a sufficient light source that you can make the most of in order to get the required effects.

Natural light gives our internal body clock something to latch onto and also gives a connection to the outside world, which can be important during the course of a working day. All of this can be achieved through the integration of wooden shutters to windows.

Think it through

Whatever your own office set up, there are always going to be things that can be improved and changed.

Looking at a working environment with new eyes can be difficult if you are really used to the ways things already are, so taking some outside advice can be worthwhile, even if it is just to get some new ideas of how you could bring your office up to date.

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