Business & the World Wide Web – Exploring the Key Transformations

Business & the World Wide Web – Exploring the Key Transformations

It’s been a good few years now, rolling over into decades actually, since the World Wide Web has become fully formed, so to say. The days when even the likes of Bill Gates had a hard time explaining exactly what it is are long gone, but just how exactly has the internet as we know it today transformed and shaped the business world? We explore these changes with what is perhaps an example of the epitome of what the internet has done for businesses:

While this referenced solution is indeed one which is perhaps taken for granted in this day and age, as suggested, it pretty much epitomises the power of the internet as a conduit of what the modern day business is all about. On nothing more than a basic technical level, business fibre merely comes down to capacity by way of any special features it has to offer as well as any improvements it makes on previous connectivity technologies.

Faster speed

Cast your imagination back to a mere fifteen years ago and perhaps the last of the IBM personal or professional computers running on the 486 processor were being phased out and replaced with quicker processors such as the Pentium. In addition to what were some seriously slow processing speeds, connecting to the internet was a real nightmare if one compares the speed back then to the speeds we enjoy now. We might not have known any better then, but comparing the different times clearly attributes faster connectivity speeds with improved productivity. These days, if one suffers from slow internet problems, it is certainly not due to the limits of the technology available. It’s almost always due to some other fixable reason.

So nowadays, instead of sending something like a fax which may or may not even go through, now we have instant messaging. I bet you thought I was going to refer to email, but email is a little less “live” than instant messaging.


Faster speed is only half of the equation which balances out to vastly improved productivity though, with the other half being that of the “band.” What this is, basically, is the capacity for multiple users to use the same connectivity channels, such as the fibre cord. Imagine if you had to wait in line to effectively use the internet connection at work since someone else might have been using it and it could only really accommodate one user at a time.

It is indeed something we take for granted today, especially when a lot of things that we have to do in our daily life, whether at work or otherwise, requires us to go on the internet. So, it’s a good job that we have access to offers like these suddenlink internet plans so we can all make sure that we have the best internet connection for what we want to use it for, whatever that may be.

With that being said, a good business fibre connection holds its value in the fact that you don’t even notice just how powerful it is. Peripheral technologies such as cloud computing have since emerged as a result, allowing businesses to be a little less dependent on a single location, which is why some of the biggest businesses these days don’t even take up too much by way of physical space. It is becoming more common for workers to work remotely with the availability of cloud technology and satellite internet options since it keeps you connected to the web even if you live in a rural area. In addition, if you have questions like “does weather affect satellite internet?” in your mind, you can do your own research.

In a nutshell, with the availability of the internet, the World Wide Web, and other online tools, it has become easy to make businesses function better, allowing them more time to focus on their core business activities and improve productivity, and thereby profits.

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