How to Create Slideshow for Project Presentation

How to Create Slideshow for Project Presentation

Movavi slideshow software is an easy to use tool for compiling images into a slideshow. Using this software can help you to create professional quality slideshows for your office presentations. Students can use it to create presentations for their college’s assignments. It can also be used to create slideshows of photos of your loved ones such as friends, children, family and pets so that you can view them easily and recall the sweet memories in the near future.

There are just 3 simple steps for creating a slideshow so even newbies can learn how to use this slideshow software quickly. The first step is to add the image, video or audio soundtrack into the slides. The second step is to edit the slides and last step is to export it in the desired file format.

Movavi slideshow software is equipped with many other features apart from allowing you to compile the images into a slideshow. You can add videos and music to make your slideshow interactive for the audience. You can select from one of the audio tracks included in the software or add your own audio tracks from your computer. There is a play button that allows you to preview the soundtrack. If there is any track that you want to remove from your slide, you simply click on the x button.

There is a large variety of transition side effects you can add to the movie slideshows. You will be able to preview the transitions and find out what side effect it will create on your slide in the right pane. After you are done creating the slideshows, you can export it and save it onto your computer. You can save the slideshow in a video or audio format. There are also options for saving it in a format that is compatible with Apple iPhone, and Android devices.

The export dialog will display the estimated size of the slideshow as well as image resolution. You must give your slideshow a new name and enter the destination path where you want the slideshow to be saved. The advantage of using Movavi slideshow creator is that it can save your slideshow in a well optimized format that makes it easy for you to share online. It is up to you to share it with your friends on the social media such as Facebook and Whatsapp.

The premium version of the software does not have any ad or it does not put watermark on the slides. You just have to pay a single price and you will be able to use the software to create as many slideshows as you want. Movavi slideshow creator has an intuitive interface that allows you to easily find the functions you need when you are compiling and editing your slides. You can easily arrange the slides by using the drag and drop function. You will be able to manage the timing of the soundtrack so that it synchronize along with the slideshow.

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