Design Your Office for Maximum Productivity

Design Your Office for Maximum Productivity

An office should not be a dull space where everyone feels disoriented from work. You should plan to develop an office space that helps boost the mood and productivity of your employees. Pall Mall Estates takes care of small changes in the office design which make offices likeable and productive space.

If you are short on budget to hire an office space or construct a new one, you can look for affordable options like purchasing a shipping container and converting it into your new office. For that, you can visit a place for shipping container conversions in the UK (or based on your location) where you could choose from the various size of the containers-whichever is appropriate for your purpose. Consequently, employees will love to come here and work. Here are some ways in which office productivity can be maximized by changing the office design.

Light it up

Ensure that your office is well-lighted. This is the simplest, easiest, and cheapest way to make a space look brighter and more cheerful. Lack of proper lighting in any corner of the office may make the employees feel dull. Here is how it works. The sunlight is always brighter than your office. As soon as the employees enter the office, they instantly feel dull because light has drastically reduced. Avoid this by using brighter lights.

Color it right

Your office needs to be painted in the right color for motivating your employees. Most modern office designs use white. This color reflects light very well and hence your office space looks more open and illuminated. Avoid using darker colors in the office like space grey. Instead, use blue. It is one of the most productive colors to be used in an office space. However, there is one color very less talked about when it comes to painting workspaces. It is yellow.

Yellow is a bright and cheerful color that could instantly boost your mood. It triggers the look of a flower field, which has been proven to be very effective in boosting mood. Additionally, yellow helps you concentrate. Hence, it is definitely a color you should incorporate in your office. You may want to look into materials such as varia, to see how it can open up your office whilst using splashes of color throughout the office and work areas.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants bring positivity in the office. They help in covering up spaces and increase oxygen in the office atmosphere as well. All these could be beneficial in making employees work more productively. Plants can reduce employee stress drastically. You can also place flower vases in the office at strategic locations to boost employee happiness. Note that you don’t have to make it look like a florist shop. Just add a little hint of plants and flowers in the office.

Scented rooms

This may sound crazy but aromatherapy really helps in reducing stress and makes the employees more focused and productive. Use pine scents in the office to ensure that the employees remain alert. This scent can help avoid the feelings of boredom in the office. The subtle change in the office will make the employees feel more fresh and energetic too.

Clear the clutter

A cluttered office is an invitation for stress and low productivity. Remove the clutter and make the space more open. It will then be important to keep these uncluttered spaces as clean as possible for all employees to work in. Having a look at the different Office cleaning services available will allow you to find the most suitable cleaning companies for your business needs. Following a minimalistic office design will also be helpful. Open spaces are generally clutter free as compared to cubicles. However, you can choose either depending on your industry, your work style, and the comfort of your employees.

These were some tips that will instantly make your office space look amazing and your employees happier and more productive. Inculcate them in your office today.

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