Destination Gyms – It’s all about the Experience for Returning Clients

Destination Gyms – It’s all about the Experience for Returning Clients

The effects of time are effecting change in pretty much all areas of our lives. The health and fitness industry and how we interact with it is no different, though some still choose to stick to the old way (especially as Hirefitness are the Uks most popular gym rental site, and people can use these machines in their own home).

Where you might have once simply gone to the gym, plugged your iPod earphones into your ears, silently worked up your daily sweat, and then headed back home after your workout, it has now evolved into more of a social experience. This is how the new form of destination gyms are created, rivalling cafes and nightclubs.

To cater to this clientele, many gym owners can be seen transforming their conventional gyms into destination gyms. This transformation can encompass various elements, such as creating trendy lounge areas with coffee bars, hosting fitness classes with a strong social component, and offering a wide range of fitness and wellness activities to engage members beyond their regular workouts.

Additionally, they might invest in various infrastructure essentials, such as advanced fitness equipment, spacious workout areas, modern changing rooms, and high-quality amenities to provide a holistic and social fitness experience. Furthermore, they may work with a LED lighting installer to brighten the atmosphere of the gym. LED lighting can create an energetic and inviting ambiance, enhancing the overall experience and motivating individuals to engage in their fitness routines with enthusiasm.

In addition, they may work on improving their group fitness classes and personal training offerings, ensuring a diverse range of options to cater to members’ specific fitness goals and preferences. By continuously enhancing and expanding their services, destination gyms aim to create a well-rounded and community-oriented fitness experience that attracts and retains a broad clientele.

Fitness is a Lifestyle

In many respects the social environment which has become of gyms is a lot more constructive than a very similar social experience you’d get if you went clubbing, drinking, etc. and so it only makes sense that gyms are now becoming a destination rather than a quick-stop to get the required daily workout dose. Fitness has indeed become a lifestyle with the new breed of gyms incorporating all the elements which make up the social experience, including the hosting of DJs, great branding, and extending gym results, plans and activities to social media platforms, etc. Clothing has moved on too, now there is so much choice when it comes to gym wear, anyone can feel comfortable! By choosing the right sports bras, trainers, or even the perfect gym cap, you can feel amazing before you even do your workout!

Fitness Facilities that Transformed into Go-to Destinations

Five clubs in the UK come under the EscapeFitness spotlight as leaders in the destination gym movement which is slowly catching on globally as more and more gym club brands get with the programme and cater to what is a growing breed of health and fitness fanatics.

Tribeca Studios, Ealing, London

With a stylish, sleek facility, Tribeca Studios focuses on offering signature classes, where some good music and fresh flowers set the scene for what looks more like a buzzing bar you’d find in New York City than a gym. Where there’d have otherwise been a bar, there’s a smoothie bar which is at the centre of the facility.

1Rebel, London

For more of a refined, urban look and feel, 1Rebel comes in as a rather stylishly laid-out boutique health club. 1Rebel also caters to the social element of health and fitness through exercise on an on-demand basis, with pay-as-you-use sessions replacing membership fees. This is where you’ll find some of top DJs of London adding to the experience.

The Club Gym, Glasgow

For those who’d love their gym environment to resemble that of a nightclub, the Club Gym in Glasgow offers just that type of atmosphere, featuring a slick design with a DJ (playing for four nights each week) as well.

TRIB3, Sheffield

This gym destination and the experience to go with is aimed more at those who seek collective engagement. You can tell it’s a health club, but a special health club with antique shop sourced decorations leading the way to juice bars, saunas, workout spaces, and therapy rooms.

Progress Gym, Yeovil

DJs playing from the mezzanine level via the powerful resident sound system set the scene for some of the high-octane, intense work that goes on in this independent facility, with skylights, vibrant colours and huge doors letting in fresh air and lots of natural light.

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