Does It Matter Where You Transfer Your Domain Name?

Does It Matter Where You Transfer Your Domain Name?

When it comes time for you to transfer domain name and hosting services from one provider to another, there are a number of very important considerations to keep in mind. The transaction should never begin and end with you or your business partner discovering a new company that offers a ridiculously low price for services and conditions that are not clearly spelled out. To jump from a secure and reputable service provider to one that may be nothing more than a fly by night scam could have a seriously negative impact on your business, affecting not only your profitability but your credibility with your customers.

What Are The Services Can Your Website Never Do Without?

When you are considering making the move to a larger, more established, and perhaps more reliable service provider, you should consider whether you are prepared to do without some of the services that your current provider includes with your service package. For example, will your prospective next provider give you a reasonable deal, backed with full online support, on your next series of online based marketing campaigns?

For example, if you rely heavily on mobile app platforms to drive traffic to your site, will your new provider give you a reasonable rate for the assistance they provide in this area? And are they courteous and reliable when it comes to responding to such issues as server glitches, site crashes, and damage caused by hackers? These are all common worries that deserve a quick and thorough assurance from the company you are considering hiring.

What Marketing Services Will Your New Service Provider Offer?

It’s important to have a concrete idea of just which services your possible new service provider is prepared to offer you – and deliver on. If you have decided to upgrade to a new official company site that includes the latest round of interactive features, you had better be sure that this provider is equipped, prepared, and knowledgeable enough to render these services in an efficient and cost effective manner.

For example, it’s easy enough to sync up your official company website’s news feed with your accounts on social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. With such updates occurring daily on your home page, visitors to your site will be aware of your latest product offers and miscellaneous musings. With such information at their finger tips, they will quickly get the message that yours is a very active site (and, by extension, a very busy and profitable company).

Cold Cash Is The Bottom Line

As with any other business transaction, cold cash is the bottom line. Will you be getting a better hosting deal, sweetened with new and expanded services, from your prospective new provider? Will the cost of these services be minimal enough not to cut into your profits? If the answer to both questions is yes, make the deal. If the answer is no, or if you aren’t sure, it’s best to delay such a move until you have further information to aid your decision making process.

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