How to Establish Yourself as a True Expert

How to Establish Yourself as a True Expert

One of the simplest dictionary definitions for an expert refers to an expert as someone who has special knowledge or ability about something and has the capability to perform skilfully. Although there isn’t really a standardised way of qualifying the claim of someone being an expert, there are clear advantages enjoyed by someone who is considered to be an expert, so there’s great incentive for wanting to be one.

You’ll perhaps get invited onto some shows to weigh-in with your expert opinion or you can even earn yourself some good money through consultations or collaborations. If you want to establish yourself as a true expert, there’s a basic path to follow with which you simply can’t go wrong.

Become One with the Basics

This might mean spending some time acquiring a formal qualification in the field you wish to establish yourself as an expert, but getting a formal academic qualification is by no means the only way through which to acquire basic knowledge. It’s perhaps the one way of validating that knowledge without having to physically prove it though, but the path to becoming an expert starts with knowing the basics really well.

This is the fundamental knowledge you can always fall back on to perhaps even develop your own concepts and ideas and contribute to the knowledgebase of your field of interest.

Focus on Specifics and Details

The next step to establishing yourself as an expert entails narrowing your focus down to a specific topic of the broader field you’re pursuing. General knowledge of the field is imperative, but expert-level knowledge requires a specialty, so choose yours and focus on it.

Solve Problems

It’s now time to put the fundamentals of your basic knowledge to good use. Use your fundamental knowledge to solve problems which are related to your narrowed-down focus, even if you don’t come up with a complete solution. Just weighing in and contributing to the solving of those specific problems is often enough to establish yourself as an expert who will be called-upon a few more times in future. Going back to the discussion of academic knowledge not necessarily being required for one to set themselves on the path to becoming an expert, you have informative, useful and problem-solving websites like at your disposal as a perfect example. The owner or main contributor to this site has a good understating of the basics and fundamentals of the subject matter on which she chose to establish herself as an expert. She then narrowed her focus down to a specific area of that subject and proceeded to solve a real-world “problem”.

Get Your Knowledge Out There

The best way through which to get your specialised knowledge out there – knowledge which solves a real-world problem – is perhaps to write a book (or a few books), create a website or blog, or any other form of publishing so that your expert ideas, views and solutions are accessible.

This then sets the stage for you to monetise your status as a true expert.

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