Establishing a Global Presence at a Fraction of the Cost

Establishing a Global Presence at a Fraction of the Cost

Sometimes it’s only really just a matter of getting some reassurance on the side of your clients that they’re not dealing with a fly-by-night operation in patronising your business. This applies even to those businesses that operate exclusively in the online space or indeed those that are located remotely somewhere far away from their nearest client.

Still, globalisation in a sense comes as both a blessing and curse — a blessing if you’re the consumer looking to buy goods or services and a curse if you’re the goods and services provider who is slow to react to the encroachment from global competitors — encroachment which comes with globalisation.

If for example you have a physical store located in your neighbourhood and you sell electronics, the threat of globalisation to your business comes in the form of residents in your very neighbourhood who could very well have walked into your store and bought electronics from you rather choosing to order theirs online and have them delivered to their door.

So in order to hedge against the negative side of what globalisation brings, it’s a case of if you can’t beat them, join them. You’re kind of forced to expand your operation so that you can establish a global presence, but it doesn’t have to be as expensive as suggested.

Virtual Offices

Look, the days when the credibility of a business relied solely on just how high their skyscraper offices extended are well and truly over, but a presence in a prestigious business district is still just as important as it was all those years ago. I mean just think about what it would do for your growing operation if you were able to put something like a Beverly Hills address on your website or on your business cards as one of the locations in which you have a global presence.

In that regard, you could go the route of renting virtual offices which can come with a range of add-on services that will have your client not being able to tell that you are in fact making use of a virtual office service. As far as it goes with renting a virtual office Beverly Hills is arguably the ultimate in the prestige associated with a business location and you can actually make that prestigious address your headquarters if you like.

One of the add-on services is that of the meeting room rental in Beverly Hills, offered by the likes of Global Business Centers. This small step is akin to an actual global expansion which would otherwise cost so much money that it’s out of the reach of many businesses.

For those who are in the know however, these types of services along with the use of remote workers from all over the world make for a very cost effective way of establishing a global presence at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost. And it works like a charm too because, for some reason, prospective clients tend to want to go with well-established businesses whose large customer base in their eyes is an indication of a good service worth coming back to.

SIP Trunking

Businesses can also establish a global presence with the aid of sip trunking (Session Initiation Protocol trunking), all while keeping costs significantly lower compared to traditional methods. SIP trunking allows businesses to acquire local phone numbers in various countries and regions, projecting a local presence to customers worldwide. This helps build trust and credibility, making it easier to expand into new markets.

This option offers cost savings on international calls, meaning that businesses can communicate seamlessly with global customers, partners, and suppliers without incurring exorbitant long-distance charges, resulting in substantial cost reduction. Additionally, businesses can establish virtual international offices with the help of Sip trunking.

Calls to these virtual offices can be routed to a central location, eliminating the need for physical offices and the associated overhead costs. Put simply, this option can enable unified communication systems across global offices. Employees worldwide can use the same set of communication tools, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

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