The Evolution of the Online Gambling Industry

The Evolution of the Online Gambling Industry

One of the many interesting traits harboured by those of us who are into this business and entrepreneurship world is just how much we’re inspired by the struggle stories of those entrepreneurs who’ve gone on to make it big, perhaps more than we’re inspired by their success stories. Well, we think it’s interesting, at least, but it’s also quite interesting to study the evolution of some of the biggest industries which were shaped by many key players along the way — key players who aren’t really that famous though.

So we shine the spotlight on the casino industry and its evolution, noting just how far it has come to witness what appears to be a serious explosion in popularity of late.

The Earliest Online Casinos

As was the trend with the early development of the World Wide Web, particularly when it started incorporating richer features that are dynamic in their nature (JavaScript), the creation of a digital version of virtually everything saw the earliest online casinos emerge. Most of these were very cumbersome and heavy on the memory resources however, with more improved versions of these early online casinos taking the form of those which required gamers to download software so that they could play the casino games remotely via their internet connections.

Much Bigger Gamer Participation


Casinos have since come a long way and if you use your astuteness to perhaps read a Casumo casino review online or any review of other online casinos you want to try out before you sign up, some of the huge sign up bonuses you can take advantage of indicate that online casinos are seeing much bigger gamer participation. It’s only a casino with lots of gaming members that can offer such big sign up bonuses. That’s good news for those online gamblers who are particularly fond of games such as slots machines, particularly video slots with progressive jackpots whose size is determined by the number of simultaneous gamers.

Richer Gaming Interfaces and Features

At the risk of getting too technical, with the refinement of web application development technologies such as JavaScript into more secure and even more dynamic ones like AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript), online casino platforms have become much richer in their features, many of which even incorporate video gaming to fall nothing short of simulating a real casino experience. A few universal online casino engines have emerged, leading the way as the new standard employed across online casino platforms, so the technical aspects are taken care of in that way and the focus turns to the user experience.

Inter-Operator Affiliation

It takes a lot to get an online casino up and running, beyond the regulations online casino operators have to adhere to, so there has subsequently been a lot of affiliation between online casino operators for the greater good of the development of the industry, which benefits us consumers of course.

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