Four Tactics to Boost Your Online Sales

Four Tactics to Boost Your Online Sales

Hey there, online entrepreneurs and e-commerce enthusiasts! In the fast-paced world of digital business, knowing how to supercharge your online sales is a must. It might seem challenging, but fear not – we’ve got your back. In this blog, we’re spilling the beans on four top-notch tactics to give your online sales a serious boost.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into online selling be it in the San Francisco Bay Area or elsewhere, these strategies can make a real difference. We’re talking about things like making your website super user-friendly and tapping into the power of SEO. So, if you’re ready to ramp up your conversion rates and watch your business grow, stick around!

Upsell your wares

We all hear “Are you interested in an upgrade?” in real stores. Why? Because it works! Upselling is lots more effective than cross-selling. The customer is looking for what they’re about to buy and if they can get the next model up for a few pounds more… Emphasis the difference and the benefits and remind them that it’s only a fiver more. Go on.

Just make sure the upsold item is in line with what the customer is already buying. You’ve already got them, remember. Just the next level up will do – don’t jump up several price levels, as the customer probably has a limit. You can tack on related items with regulars, however. If your online store sells inkjet cartridges, for example, point out your great deals on photo paper, for example.

Rescue those abandoned carts

Every online shop has abandoned carts – only around a third of filled carts make it out alive, in fact! You won’t be able to rescue them all, but you can help some by reaching out to the customer with a discount offer, or free shipping.

Write an appealing email that goes out to hesitant or indecisive shoppers and use an app to send it to them. It can be a simple reminder, or a spoof appeal to the better nature of the customer. A good app will do this automatically, maybe with the items embedded so all they have to do is click Buy Now.

Make it easier for customers to navigate your site

Badly-designed stores look untrustworthy and cheap and are also just plain awkward to use.

How are your product descriptions – do they give enough detail and are they consistently formatted? Is there an easy path from landing page to checkout?

Are you laying out your products in a logical manner? Could you be overcrowding the page? Is there too much text, or too much space? These are all things for you to consider. If you’re new to online commerce, try a website template at first so you can get all the balances right.

Ultimately, your prices might be too high, so you can use an app that pops up a special offer just as someone’s about to navigate away. If you see lots of uptake here, lower your starting prices – they’re just a bit too much.

Use some product reviews

Product reviews increase conversion rate by as much as 70% because they constitute real-life testimony as to the quality of your product.

They also boost your SEO and increase the amount of meaningful content on your page, helping your Google ranking. Offer customers discounts on future purchases if they submit a review or two. Click here for more information on SEO.

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