Four Things to Consider Before Launching an Advertising Campaign

Four Things to Consider Before Launching an Advertising Campaign

Advertising can be an effective way to reach out to your target audience and show them why they need your product or service. However, as there are many different ways to advertise, it is important that you tailor your effort to get the biggest return on your investment. What should you think about before launching your next campaign?

How Do You Measure ROI?

For each marketing dollar that you spend, you want to earn more than a dollar back in immediate or future sales. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy or possible to accurately measure return on investment through some channels. For those who want to know in real time how their marketing efforts are doing, it may be wise to advertise online where stats such as ad clicks and conversions can be monitored.

How Do You Retain Information About Customers or Potential Leads?

If someone clicks on your ad or calls your office to learn more about your products or services, that person is interested in giving you his or her money. Therefore, it is important to keep track of who that person is and how you can reach out after that initial contact. Partnering with email or other list management companies can help you develop relationships that increase and maximize ROI.

How Do You Make Sure Your Message Is Articulated Properly?

These days, people are going to call your brand out if its advertising efforts are lame, creepy, or ineffective. You can be sure that thousands of people on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube are going to have something snarky or witty to say, which could make it harder to do damage control. Therefore, make sure to focus test your advertising before you begin to ensure that your audience hears what you want it to hear.

For that, you can make use of performance branding. The purpose of this method is to actually run ads on Facebook and other key channels to prove which creatives and messaging combinations work, so that you can incorporate them into the wider brand when they have been proven to be successful. This means you can test your brand elements with performance branding quite effectively. With this, you can also make sure that your brand is seen in a positive light, and that your advertising efforts don’t backfire and create a negative perception of your company.

How Long Can a Campaign Stay Relevant?

If you are lucky, your ad may be a hit and help drive sales for months or years at a time. However, you need to plan ahead of time for any viral or other long-term success that it may have. This means creating multiple ads around a main character whether he or she is fictional or an actual pitch person. Viral or otherwise interesting advertisements are bound to be shared more frequently, which means that your brand awareness and reach will increase. Therefore, make it your goal to create a campaign that can remain fresh and relevant for as long as possible.

A successful advertising campaign can increase sales as well as awareness for a brand. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a successful marketing effort. Instead, all you need to do is create something that properly articulates your brand message while increasing awareness and leading to new customer relationships.

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