How company branded products can help when bringing in clients

How company branded products can help when bringing in clients

Branded products, often associated with your company’s logo on stationary or promotional items, have evolved to offer a diverse range of possibilities limited only by your creativity and business strategy. To harness the full potential of branded products, it’s crucial to align them with specific business objectives that are measurable, ultimately contributing to the success of your company.

Consider the example of custom coffee mugs made in Oregon or elsewhere. Beyond being a thoughtful gift or promotional item, these mugs can serve a multifaceted purpose. You can distribute them at trade shows or conferences to increase brand visibility. Simultaneously, you can launch a social media campaign encouraging customers to share pictures of themselves using the branded mugs, creating user-generated content that boosts your online presence. By tracking the engagement and reach of this campaign, you can measure its effectiveness in increasing brand awareness and customer engagement.

This example demonstrates how branded products can be leveraged creatively to achieve specific, measurable business goals, making them a versatile and cost-effective marketing tool.

Raising brand awareness

While big businesses can spend a fortune on creating a range of products suitable for almost every occasion, from rewarding staff to attracting new clients and keeping existing ones happy, usually smaller businesses don’t have the time or the resources to spend a lot of money on marketing. The solution is to customise the products your business uses to best meet your goals within your target market. For instance, an effective strategy for businesses in the food and drink industry is to use smoothie cups with your branding on. This can be a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness while aligning with your target audience’s interests and lifestyle.

Universal recognition does not come overnight and the place to start, before you conquer the world, is your catchment area. For example, if you are selling sports goods there’s an obvious opportunity to sponsor one or two local junior football teams, perhaps by selling highly discounted kits on the condition they carry your company logo. Even if the sport has nothing to do with your business this kind of branding exercise is a good example of how to get your company name into neighborhood households.

You can also give away useful gifts that can help people in their personal or professional lives while assisting you to raise brand awareness for your business. One such example could be a custom magic 8 ball, which can have your business logo printed on it. Those who struggle with making decisions may benefit from this product since it has 20 unique answers that can help them find solutions around the office or in their personal lives. To learn more about this unique product you can check this out here, so that making an informed decision becomes easier. Alternate to this, you can also look for green products like reusable bags, mugs, and even small indoor plants. These items could work exceptionally well if you have an eco-friendly business and want to promote your sustainable principles.

Business to business

If your clients tend to be other businesses rather than individual consumers then think about how you use your business gifts. Cheaper goods are fine as free giveaways at conferences, trade fairs, or festivals, however, something a little different can make your customers sit up and take notice. In a boardroom setting, for example, an elegant vase, decanter, or a special brandy glass for the Chair will be noticed by everyone that uses the room. Engraving items with your logo or a personalised message will make them memorable and are great gift ideas for employees who are retiring.

Talking of employees, you may have noticed that establishments are increasingly using branded clothing – branded ties or cufflinks for formal wear and T-shirts for establishments with more casual dress codes. This means that everywhere your employees go they are taking your business brand with them. The same is true of companies participating in larger-scale events such as trade fairs or agricultural shows – often you will spot a set of branded umbrellas as well as the company banner, display, or marquee.

Taking your brand further afield, including online if this fits with your business model, can be very rewarding in terms of securing new customers, however, it’s important to make sure you are equipped to deal with success. There’s little point in creating a clear company objective if, when it succeeds, your business and your employees are overwhelmed. Good strategic and branded product planning is the key right from the start.

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