How the Right Viking Tape can Save You Money on Minor Reno Projects

How the Right Viking Tape can Save You Money on Minor Reno Projects

What separates entrepreneurs and people with a nose for business from everybody else is mostly the ability to firstly acquire valuable knowledge and information, and secondly, to implement that knowledge and info intelligently so as to amass profits or to save on costs. Left as is, this information is perhaps nothing but yet another iteration of that info which is readily available or info that makes for some common sense, so let’s apply it to a practical example, shall we?

I mean we all know about the existence of what are very useful DIY and commercial products such 3m VHB from Viking Tapes, but those who possess just a little bit of a deeper knowledge about the different types of tapes available and what each of them is good for can save tonnes of money on what would otherwise be unnecessary additional costs around renovations. The savings on costs and off-setting of headaches can even be carried over into serious, larger-scale renovation and construction projects, simply because of the hands-on approach taken by a knowledgeable client.

Building and renovation contractors are notorious for running up costs, sometimes not really intentionally, but as a matter of not really being compelled to stick to a strict budget through maintaining best practices in resource deployment management. As somewhat of a co-project manager or a project monitor, you’d be able to weigh-in with key on-the-job decision-making, such as suggesting the use of seaming tape where the contract workers might have wanted to go for a more expensive solution that has pretty much the same level of efficiency.

In the specific case of seaming, this can save you lots more money down the line on a would-be heating and cooling bill, since it provides effective insulation for buildings. The mere knowledge of this is what opens up so many options and can have you in for some major savings.

The right tapes can be effectively used to facilitate the process of flashing, to make another example, which prevents water from flowing through a structure. There are plenty of more expensive solutions with which to achieve the same effect, but again, why would you want to pay more for something you can do just as effectively at a much cheaper price?

The 3M Dual Lock has an adhesive backing, for instance, which makes for a cheaper and less permanent alternative to drilling or stapling, so the structural integrity of the surface you’d be working on remains intact.

Consider the e-book below somewhat of a quick-guide reference you can always come back to if you ever want to dig a little deeper on the right tapes to choose for your projects, something which can save you tonnes of money and keep many of the DIY or contract work headaches away:

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