How to be a professional adventurer

How to be a professional adventurer

The week is over and the weekend begins.  This whole ‘forty’ hour test is finally over and the time to let go and get out of here.  The term ‘weekend warrior’ doesn’t apply because the stress of the week makes you Spartacus if you sit on a curb.  But, but is the word that separates you from the rest. But is the word that puts you on the concrete with a board.  But is the word that puts you on the slopes going sixty.  But is the word that put you on that crest when the other bros backed off.  But, is why you revel in Friday.  You’re not the suit.  You’re not the cookie cutter robot that sits around on the weekend watching this and that of the witch and whatever.

Seize the day!  Grab the passion that you, or want to learn to have, and get out of your normal suit, smile, and settle. Life is an adventure and there is almost a secret, seductive style to putting on the suit all week and whipping butt on the weekends.  So, mount up.  Get your gear and go out and crush it.  Jump on Surfdome and get some gear to match your next adventure. There is no reason why you should work all week and have anything less than the best gear to do it with on the slope, the park, or the crest.  If you’re going to go all the way at work, or even just punch the clock, kill it on the weekend.  Nothing better than leaving it all out there and knowing that this or that is where you leave your passion.

Time is but an asset that folks waste and squander, but those that use the time to cruise on concrete, snow, and water, the ones that realize were not meant to sit in a box and push pencils, buttons, and deals are the ones that realize that life is a dance.  Go out and tango a new adventure.  Go out and waltz a new world, but do it with the best equipment possible, because even weekend warriors know that style and quality is earned and deserved.

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