How to Generate More Leads in Business

How to Generate More Leads in Business

You may have the perfect product, you may have outstanding service, but without loyal, repeat customers, what do you truly have? You have a business which will fail to last, a business which will watch its rivals rise above it. So, what’s the solution to this common problem? You need to generate as many leads as you can consistently. Unfortunately, this isn’t an area of your daily tasks which you can sit back and hope for the best. Generating leads requires hard work and effort, but when you get it right, it’s almost priceless.


For a new business, finding new customers is especially crucial, as these are the people who will bring in your first profit, and who will prove that you can succeed and your idea is viable. However, it can be time-consuming and not very cost-effective to train salespeople in a role in which they may not last in or may not make their mark. Outsourcing the task is ideal in this scenario, but it also applies to medium and large businesses. What’s more, by outsourcing you can find experts in the role who can bring in a healthy profit for your company. Telemarketing, for example, has been an incredibly successful way to generate more leads for many years. It is also expensive if you need to hire an expert team of telemarketers within your company. They might be able to advise if you would need a video marketing strategy or if you would need to emphasize video content to attract your customers. Additionally, they would guide you to choose a firm that could help in video making, for instance, Brightcove (consider looking for brightcove video download on the Internet to learn more about the firm). (Note that firms like this are quite famous among their clients, as a result, are often recommended by telemarketing companies) Anyway, that is for this reason, why outsourcing is a worthwhile investment, especially with the calibre of telemarketing companies in the UK you can enlist the help of for your business needs.

Utilise Social Media

For those businesses which want to generate leads in-house, it pays to take into consideration the many free ways you can approach new customers organically. One such way is by utilising the variety of social media channels which are now available to businesses. As a new business, you should already be using social media to engage with consumers, but it is also a powerful tool to generate leads. For example, by replying directly to brand mentions on Twitter, you can create a conversation between you and a customer which could inspire them to purchase your product or service. You should, however, use the social media channel which is most appropriate for your brand to engage with leads. A millennial stationery company may be more suited to commenting on Facebook, in contrast to a business-to-business supplier company, which may fit LinkedIn more naturally.

Automate Your Processes

Generating leads can be a time-consuming task, whether you’re ringing consumers directly, replying to social media mentions, or creating advertising campaigns. It’s for this reason why you should grab the opportunity to automate any task you can. There are numerous tools available to use, such as Google Alerts, which will send you an email detailing every time your brand or product has been mentioned. For social media posting, there are tools such as Hootsuite where you can schedule campaign content which can be posted at the best times. If your followers engage with your brand more at a certain time of the day when you cannot physically tweet, Hootsuite can ensure your post reaches them in time.


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