How to Start an Occupational Therapy Business

How to Start an Occupational Therapy Business

Every business starts with an idea in the mind of an entrepreneur. If you are thinking of starting an occupational therapy business, you are already a step ahead towards achieving your dream. The next step is to transform your idea into a successful business. Below are the major steps you need to take to actualize your business idea.

1. Get Relevant Education

If you are planning to start an occupation therapy business, you need basic training in this field. It is easier to establish a business in the area of your training than depending on the competence of your staff to run your business. According to Quality Education and Jobs, the US has 156 accredited occupational therapy programs. Join any of these programs to attain the knowledge you need to run a successful business in the field. If you have basic training, you can enrol for higher education as you set up the business to improve your skills and knowledge.

2. Choose a Business Name and Location

Choose a unique name that reflects your professionalism to your target clients. Remember that all your marketing and branding activities will bear that name.

The location of your business will also determine the number of clients that you will serve in a day. Get office space in a location that is easily accessible while considering the cost. You do not want to incur a high rent cost when starting a new business.

3. Acquire Business Permits and Licenses

Visit the municipal office in your jurisdiction and inquire about the permits and licenses you need to run your business. You may be referred to the city and state authorities for licensing. Most municipals require that you obtain all the documents before you start your operations.

4. Hire Licensed Staff

Unlike other types of businesses, you cannot run an occupational therapy business alone. You need staff to assist you in attending to clients from the start. You can start with one or two employees and add more as the business grows. It is advisable to hire employees with valid licenses to work as occupational therapists even if they will handle other operations in your business.

5. Market Your Business

You need to get the word out about your new business. Start with your family members and friends. Word of mouth is an effective and inexpensive tool to market a new business. If you have enough funds, you can invest in other offline and online marketing strategies. For instance, you can promote your business on social media and search engines, and you can even check out the outcome of demand generation vs lead generation to see how other methods could prove beneficial too. Don’t forget that you can also explore offline marketing tactics like radio advertisements, flyers, billboards, and other promotional materials.

The steps outlined should all be part of your business plan. Beyond coming up with a viable business idea, you need to develop it into a workable plan. However, if you need to borrow funds to start or grow the business, you will need a more elaborate plan with cost and profit projections.

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