How to Up Your YouTube Game in 2018

How to Up Your YouTube Game in 2018

Video marketing continues to lead the way in 2018. More users are consuming video content, including content from brands and influencers. Video sharing platforms like YouTube now have more videos to watch than ever before, and hours of new videos are being uploaded every minute.

Simply producing marketing videos isn’t going to cut it. If you are serious about doing video marketing and developing a strong audience base on YouTube, you have to start upping the game and taking video content production seriously. These next several tips and tricks will help you get started right away.

Don’t Forget Audio

Yes, the first tip to remember is boosting your audio quality. Audio is 50% of your YouTube videos. Viewers tend to tolerate a bad video with good audio more than they would tolerate a good video with bad audio. Audio is THAT important.

There is also the fact that many viewers don’t actually watch your YouTube videos from start to finish. They often move to another window or enjoy the audio portion of the content while multitasking. This is another reason why boosting audio quality is important.

Two things you need to improve audio quality are a good audio recorder and a good microphone. A handy recorder like the Zoom H5, paired with a shotgun microphone or a lavalier for clearer dialogues, is the right combination for YouTube purposes.

Do Some Optimization

You can do a lot with video search engine optimization or SEO. Many content makers and businesses don’t really take the title of their videos and the descriptions they add to them seriously. This is a big mistake, especially when you consider just how competitive YouTube and other video sharing platforms are these days.

Video SEO is important. According to, it is also a great way to bring in traffic to your video marketing content. You can start by adding a relevant title and description, along with tags that best describe the content of your video. Forget about using clickbait to drive views, because the potential penalty far outweighs the short benefit you get.

Deliver Value

Just because it is called video marketing, doesn’t mean every video has to be about your products and services. The main purpose of video marketing is to deliver value, just like content marketing. You want the videos to be valuable in the eyes of viewers; promotional videos tend to have less value compared to tutorials and useful DIY tips. Moreover, for SEO to work for your YouTube videos, content quality can be one of the most important factors. Content with a good format, video graphics, and audio can generate more shares and like to improve the ranking of the channel.

It is also worth noting that you don’t always have to be the source of information. The videos can come from influencers, industry experts, and other content creators who happen to match your brand and the products you offer perfectly. Don’t hesitate to work with other content creators to expand your reach.

Last but certainly not least, always invest time in connecting with the audience. Respond to comments, visit other videos and comment on them, and spend time becoming part of the YouTube community. This is how you really elevate your YouTube game and separate yourself from the competitors in 2018.

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