How to Write a Killer Cover Letter and Resume That Gets You Noticed

How to Write a Killer Cover Letter and Resume That Gets You Noticed

Searching for a job can be a pretty stressful and often frustrating experience. While it may seem like there is a lot of open positions out there, there is also a lot of competition. A big hurdle is just having your resume noticed and landing a job interview. If you’ve found that you are consistently being passed by and not even getting a response to your resume, it may be that it’s in need of tweaking or maybe completely rewriting, meaning it might be useful to take note of companies like and others that can take care of your resume writing for you. It’s not only the resume, but people don’t always realize that a cover letter is just as important as the resume itself. The cover letter is what allows you to target the actual employer and job and really make your mark.

So, if you’re ready to re-vamp your cover letter and resume, then you’re going to want to check out these tips that will help you get noticed.

Find Cover Letter Samples Online

A good place to start is to look for free samples of cover letters and resumes online, so you can get an idea of what effective ones look like. Just be sure you search for ones in your target industry. For example, if you’re looking for a job in a warehouse, then you should look for a sample warehouse worker cover letter. Targeting the specific industry can help you with the proper wording and format to use.

Make Sure the Cover Letter Isn’t the Same as the Resume

It’s also important you understand that a cover letter and resume are two different things, which means the cover letter shouldn’t just be an abbreviated version of the resume. The cover letter gives you a chance to point out additional skills, tools, and experience that the employer may find useful. You can also expand on any bullet points from the resume by using full sentences and explanations.

Educational Background Isn’t Everything

While it’s certainly important to add your educational background on the resume, keep in mind it isn’t everything and shouldn’t be the focus of the resume. Typically, employers are more interested in your work experience, so that is the area you want to focus on.

Contact Information Should be Front and Center

When it comes to what to lead your resume with, your contact information should always be front and center and easy to read. You can even use a different font, make it bigger, and/or make it bold to really pop off the page. You don’t want any potential employers having to search around on the page to try to find your details.

Tailor the Cover Letter and Resume to Each Job Posting

Rather than just use a generic cover letter and resume that you send to everyone, they should be customized to each job posting. You can make reference to details in the posting to show you’re qualified and aware of what they are looking for.

All of these tips will help you to beef up your cover letter and resume so that you start getting noticed by potential employers.

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