Is embracing freelance lawyers the way forward for law firms?

Is embracing freelance lawyers the way forward for law firms?

Remember the times when we used to use cash and cheques in our day to day lives? Now we’re moving towards being completely cashless, with companies like Monzo and Starling changing the way we pay for things and online banking being the norm.

Just as banking has evolved, and shopping has evolved, the legal landscape has been changing too to keep up with client and employee demand. 

Over the years, client budgets have been stretched and many are now in a position where they chop and change the support or services that they require from companies, even from a legal perspective.  

To be able to keep up with the change of demand, law firms are having to adapt to ensure they are continuing to thrive financially whilst offering their clients the same great service they are used to.  As a result, the attraction of hiring lawyers ‘on demand’ has really taken off and is allowing law firms to manage their money more effectively as flexible legal resourcing can help to slash costs. 

The peaks and troughs of flexible legal resourcing

Of course no change is ever easy, and for some law firms and lawyers, flexible resourcing is something that requires some time to get used to. 

There are huge benefits such as cost cutting for firms and being able to access lots of legal professionals. Plus, for lawyers there is the new possibility to have a flexible working pattern for, and the chance to work with many different firms or clients. 

However, for firms who are hiring flexible lawyers there is a logistical issue in terms of managing/tracking their time and finding someone who is best qualified to handle an issue. To combat the new concerns, law firms are investing in technology that can offer them solutions to their needs. Such as tools to manage remote workers (Trello) or apps for more effective communication (Skype).  

With modernisation comes a lot of hard work both for firms and for employees, but change in the legal industry is happening at a rapid rate so everyone within the industry must keep up. Flexible and remote working has become the norm in most industries, so it is no surprise that is has made it’s way to law.

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