Material and Reuse Lessons Constructions Can Learn From Demolition

Material and Reuse Lessons Constructions Can Learn From Demolition

When seeking out opportunities to introduce some changes in the manner in which one does business in their organisation, one often doesn’t have to look too far. In the case of the construction industry, they only really have to look as far as the demolition industry in order to come away with some valuable lessons in material and reuse since demolition contractors regularly hit an impressive figure of 96% of the waste they generate being recycled.

So what are some of the lessons which the construction industry can learn from demolition contractors?

Waste Segregation Management

Demolition contractors rope in waste management providers who then proceed to segregate the waste right on-site. This helps in the reduction of the possible contamination of waste streams, optimises opportunities for recycling, and keeps subsequent landfill charges to a minimum. Additionally, demolition sites sometimes also make use of industrial vacuums, hired through professionals at or similar services, to keep the sites cleaner. This makes it easier for waste management people to separate rubbish accurately, and collect more recyclables.

Efficient Recycling Infrastructure Use

Recycling facilities made available could be effective only when they are efficiently used by demolition contractors, benefitting from their economies of scale in the process. To get the best out of recycling construction waste and reduce the pollution of landfills, demolition companies can consult with a waste management consultancy for proactive waste recovery and recycling using an innovative approach. This helps by enabling smaller quantities to be recycled efficiently, as they come from individual sites, and also assists in the recycling of inert materials and plasterboard.

Effective Site Restrictions Planning

Demolition contractors are particularly strategic about how they choose the skips used for the storage and logistical part of their waste management programmes, electing to use skip sizes that make the best possible use of the space and offer the most efficient access. This helps by optimising working spaces with smarter choices in containers. Making use of the right skip configuration ensures more efficient handling of waste, such as a low-sided container being most appropriate for the handling of heavy metals, for example.

Waste Disposal and Reuse Documentation

Demolition contractors request waste providers to provide them with reports on waste disposal as well as the proportions of the waste, which are to be sent to the landfill. This helps in a number of different ways, one of which is the reduction of paperwork and administration on the side of the contractors. It also provides clear audit trails that can be tapped into for environmental compliance purposes and feed into sustainability rating schemes such as BREEAM and SKA. Also, for a business to fulfill environmental compliance, there can be a few more criteria they may have to achieve, be it site assessment, property condition, or passing an asbestos test san antonio. By inspecting sustainable waste generation and disposal techniques, these criteria can be met, as well as it can serve as a demonstration of waste management practices for tenders.

Building Partnerships with Experts

Demolition contractors understand the importance of working with experts in the field of waste management, which is why they employ waste management experts to allow them to focus on their jobs. This helps by removing the need for on-site sustainable waste management, allowing workers to shift their full focus to each of their core trades instead of having to worry about sorting and sifting waste. It also brings about a huge improvement in the efficiency of waste segregation, while at the same time hedging against mistakes which could flare up as a result of a lack of training or focus.

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