Mediaworks White Paper Reveals Impending Fashion Industry Digital Trends

Mediaworks White Paper Reveals Impending Fashion Industry Digital Trends

For those entrepreneurs and business operators who are only thinking about getting into the e-commerce space now, perhaps you’ve missed the boat that comes around once in around 20 years. The good news though is that the dotcom rush is one which can be joined at just about any time and you don’t have to have been a pioneer of the e-commerce space synonymous with the earliest days of the dotcom boom.

In fact, now is perhaps the most opportune time to make your full foray into the digital selling space, particularly if you’re a fashion retailer or indeed if you’re a digital marketing expert serving the fashion industry.

In a whitepaper put together and published by award-winning digital marketing agency and certified Google Partner, Mediaworks, some emerging digital trends in the fashion industry have been analysed to bring into focus five key areas of opportunity which can be taken advantage of using five steps to digital marketing success. These include search engine ranking, a growth in the mobile space, basket abandonment trends, a growth in social buying and a growth in the use of Google Shopping.

Needless to say these areas of opportunities can be taken advantage of by the implementation of their corresponding steps to digital success, including Ranking with RankBrain, Mastering the Mobile Space, Combating Basket Abandonment, Selling Socially, and using Google Advertising to sell your products and services.

Ranking with RankBrain

Google’s rise to prominence in their earliest days set them along a path of constant innovation and dynamic change and so the manner in which their algorithm has ranked search results has naturally changed over the years. In line with how people run their searches online these days, particularly in the case of fashion consumers who are looking for information and looking to shop online, RankBrain’s development is replacing traditional search. RankBrain is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system which makes search a lot more intuitive and it should be used to improve the ranking potential of your online presence.

Mastering Mobile

The earliest dotcom boomers who jumped on the e-commerce bandwagon probably couldn’t have fathomed the extent to which mobile would take over how we connect online and even shop. With mobile leading the way and set to grow even further by way of how fashion consumers shop, mastering this space is not a question of if, but rather a question of how to do it…

Basket Abandonment

Elementary user experience mistakes could be turning potential shoppers away, something which needs some specialised knowledge to minimise and possibly eradicate completely. Don’t let your potential buyers slip away from you.

Selling Socially

It’s all about having the right social media presence with this one since social selling is indeed a trend that’s growing explosively.

Google Shopping

After all these years of the development of the internet and the development of the online marketing industry, organic search engine results still take the cake as the holy grail. Learn how to effectively promote your products so that they can be bought directly from the search results pages.

The whitepaper explores all of these in greater detail and is available for free download from Get your copy now and don’t miss out on the next wave of the dotcom boom!

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