Most Useful Skills in Today’s Job Market

Most Useful Skills in Today’s Job Market

The employment market is in a period of high disruption, and keeping one step ahead of the changes means learning new skills. Knowing which skills you can learn and how they can improve your career and your future means understanding what businesses are looking for. As the world becomes more reliant on technology, many of the most sought-after skills that employers are looking for are tech-related. If you think that this means they are out of reach, you might be surprised by how easy it is to learn those skills. If your career has hit a dead end, then here are the skills that you should be looking at improving on, and where you can learn them.

Learning to Code

If there’s one skill that stands out in terms of desirability, it’s coding. As technology continues to play such a major role in the future of business, coders are in high demand and there simply aren’t enough people equipped to fill those roles. Learning to code can take time, but the financial rewards can make the time investment well worth it. The most necessary coding languages to learn are:

  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • C#

There are a variety of ways that you can teach yourself coding, and there are many free online platforms that can help you learn this increasingly important skill.

Spreadsheet Awareness

While most people have some experience of using Excel, the fact that this is such a high priority for employers means that you should definitely brush up on your spreadsheet skills. There are estimates that up to 80% of new job openings will stipulate some form of spreadsheet or word processing skill, making this one of the most essential skills that can boost your resume. Excel is popular because it can:

  • Help to solve business problems
  • Improve productivity rates
  • Be a transferable skill

If your current spreadsheet knowledge is lacking, you can learn how to use the software for free on a variety of platforms.

Web Design and Development

There’s no underestimating the benefits and necessity of a strong website in the digital age. The number of reasons why businesses need to have the best website is mind-boggling, and that’s why employers are especially keen on hiring team members who are able to design and build everything that’s needed for a better online presence. While there may be many areas of overlap with coding, web design itself can be a profitable skill to learn. Most online courses will start you off with some HTML coding, so it’s a good idea to have some understanding of how that works before you delve straight into web design. Depending on your existing level of skill, you could feasibly take just a few weeks to learn the basics of web design.

Cloud Computing

In the modern era of technology, cloud computing has emerged as a boon to business owners and IT specialists. Why? Cloud Computing technology (such as Microsoft Azure Architect design) acts as a virtual entity that can allow communication between several remote servers throughout the world. The objective of this technology is to function as a single ecosystem. Furthermore, these servers, which are spread globally, help in storing and managing data. Besides this, they are also responsible for running applications and services like analytics and content delivery. There are several benefits of using this such as information could be quickly made accessible to those who are in need. Additionally, employees can access everything they need online instead of accessing files and services locally through their computers.

Regardless of the type of cloud that a business uses, it is undeniable that its implementation has a significant impact on the way a business is run. Not to forget that this technology can offer tangible benefits to several companies who have heavy day-to-day operations.

Many employers, therefore, hire team members who have the requisite knowledge in this area. So, those who are looking for employment opportunities often take up a course or two in this field. For example, someone who wants to improve their employment prospects can try gaining a certificate in Microsoft Azure Architect Design by giving an exam (you can check out az-304 for gathering more information regarding the exam). However, for that, they may have to learn something regarding this subject matter, which they can do by reading online resources.

Quality Marketing Skills

As one of the most important factors for businesses to explore in the high-tech consumer world, digital marketing is one of the foundations for future success. Digital marketing is now one of the most desirable skills that employers are looking for, and smart learners are making sure that they have at least some understanding of the basics.

If you’re looking to improve your employment prospects, then marketing ranks highly in careers with a long-term future.

Learning marketing skills is easier than ever, and you don’t even need to quit your current role in order to get a real-world qualification in this area. No matter your commitments, you can get your MBA in Marketing online from Walsh University without disrupting your daily schedule. Having a real qualification will look fantastic on your resume, and your employment options will be opened up too.

Public Speaking

Everyone has been in a business meeting of some kind where the speaker is simply reading from PowerPoint slides and offering little else. Public speaking is a skill, and it is one that employers are increasingly interested in. Technology has created a work environment that is increasingly collaborative, and team meetings and motivational speeches are now part and parcel of the modern workspace. While some people have a natural skill when it comes to public speaking, others will have to work at it. However, public speaking skills can be of significant benefit in the workplace, and not just for presentations. Consider the following:

  • Improvements in the way that you interact with others in small teams
  • Improve your overall communication skills
  • Boost your confidence
  • Help you pitch new projects
  • Have more verbal influence over company decisions
  • Present yourself more professionally in interviews
  • Getting better at networking

Public speaking is a very transferable skill, and there are a number of platforms that can teach you the basics of public speaking so that your talent for presentation improves and your confidence grows.

Writing for Work

It’s easy to forget just how essential basic writing skills are for businesses. Marketing has already been discussed, but the writing component of modern digital marketing trends has made a talent for the written word one of the most sought -after skills in the modern workplace.

Every piece of content that you have ever read online had to be written by someone, and you can tell the difference between a piece of content that is well written and one that is not.

Having quality writing on a business website or in the communications that they have with customers, suppliers, or in-house, will affect the impact of their branding. Businesses need to ensure value and quality, and brushing up on your writing skills will go a long way to improving your employment prospects. Every business in every sector will need to communicate with someone, and the better your writing skills, the more value you bring to the workplace.

No matter your age or where you are in your career, it’s never too late to learn new skills. With the prevalence of online learning resources and the ease with which you can learn while you earn without the disruption of your existing commitments, means that there is no longer any excuse to stay stuck in a rut. Look at your career goals, identify the skills that you are lacking, and get learning. Your future will be much more accessible if you have the skills required to get you where you want to be.

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