Office Layout Essentials for Start-Ups

Office Layout Essentials for Start-Ups

There’s no substitute for pedigree and experience in the world of companies and organisations whose core business offering is based on trust. If you were offered insurance from two different insurers for instance, you’re very like to go with the one which has been operating out of a prestigious head-office block situated in a prime location over one which seems to have appeared overnight.

The prestige that comes with a company owning or leasing (long-term) high street offices is fast disappearing, however, particularly in the world of start-ups. Even if you’re hosting potential investors who want to see what your operation is all about, it’s no longer about having a fancy office in an esteemed location. What venture capitalists really only care about is the idea and even if you’re not chasing any angel investments, keep in mind that it is after all still about working on the idea and so your office layout as a start-up should be planned accordingly.

Keep the Main Workspace Fluid

The last thing you want as a start-up is to be stuck with permanent office furniture arrangements which can be very costly to rearrange. You may realize some months in that you need to ensure a space where employees can store their belongings before when they come to work, for which you would need to provide a Locker to each of them. Or, perhaps you are growing quickly and your office cannot sustain the number of people you are hiring, in which case you would either need to find a larger space or get an extension constructed to fit everyone. Since start-ups are in the searching phase of their business development trajectory, there’ll be a lot of changes to the organizational elements, such as staff members coming and going and perhaps even the need to repurpose your working space to meet your evolving needs.

A fluid workspace is merely one which can be switched up within a matter of minutes, by just shifting things around a bit. Fluid workspaces are functional by way of striking just the right balance between professionalism and a sense of progress and this functionality can only be catered to by the use of elegant but versatile office furniture such as stacking chairs, folding desks made of light material, and only mobile office accessories (like a wheeled water dispenser).

Laptop docking stations can be installed for those who need to be able to connect to bigger screens, but otherwise keep things as mobile as possible with laptops instead of desktops. Beanbags are a great way to add a little bit more of an informal side to the working space, to be used as either temporary resting points or to get the creative juices flowing for those who want to be more comfortable while working on the start-up.

Meeting & Conference Rooms

When your work hours are full with back-to-back meetings and conferences, it’s a sign that you’re moving away from the start-up phase and entering into a fully-fledged mid-sized business. In order to keep up with the growing needs of meetings, get a sound-proof meeting room constructed which does not get disturbed by the noise of the main workspace, but is completely transparent and within full view of the main workspace. Any clients, potential clients, or investors you host will get a good view of the work that happens in your main workspace without really getting bothered by the sound and that’s essentially how true credibility and pedigree is built up. To do this, get in touch with a contractor who has the knowledge and experience in commercial expansions and construction. Perhaps find someone who has a portfolio to back up his words like the renovators of this university dining hall. Of course, you need evidence to believe them, which is why contractors nowadays put their previous projects on display on their websites.


A business needs an office. Everybody needs a designated workstation to be at the best of their game. Yes, remote jobs are on the rise, but how many people can really ignore the disturbance of the cafes or the houses they are working from? To get complete seclusion from disturbances, an office is needed, which enables all those who work to focus on the task and reduces work-related errors.

Having said that, you can choose from a wide range of workspace available on the market — perhaps, shared ownership is your thing. Or maybe new construction (see more at can accommodate your business needs. If not these, then co-working might be what you had been desiring.

Whatever your choice, it is imperative to understand the importance of having a designated place for your workers to perform their daily professional activities. As an employer, you must know the value of work-from-office and, therefore, give your employees the chance at increasing their productivity.

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