Passive Aggressive Notes in the Workplace

There’s always going to be one person in the office who you just plain don’t get on with. Whether it’s a two way thing and you just don’t gel or it’s outright hatred for each other, offices can be tricky places to handle. This article at Entrepreneur lists the 5 types of problem employees you may come across in your career.

Then there’s the minefield of the meeting room and the battleground of the kitchen, where food can be stolen out of fridges, tears wept over spilled milk and bins pile up if one co-worker isn’t doing their share of the hard work. We’ll stick to our desks and our own personal soda fridges, thanks very much! Maybe it’s just these annoying workplace clichés that bother you, used over and over. Not only that, but overflowing inboxes are always a hazard in which you’ll find passive aggressiveness running wild.

Inspired by these very issues is the below Infographic created by Data Label that outlines how you can go about crafting the passive aggressive note that will get your colleagues off your back and out of your hair using a mixture of perfect politeness and blunt sarcasm. Keep it anonymous so they’ll never suspect, use a handy diagram to show them how to clean down their desk or pick up after themselves, and above all, make it completely obvious to embarrass them enough that they won’t do it again!

7 PA notes

Via Career Pro

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