Plan Ahead When Attending Business Events in San Ramon

Plan Ahead When Attending Business Events in San Ramon

There are numerous business events taking place in San Ramon, CA this year. Some of the most notable events include the Business Expo and Mixer at the Bridges Golf Club, the Business Builder Bootcamp, and #WOW19 with SocialSurvey. Maybe you’re attending one of those events this year. No matter which event you attend, your time and money will be well spent. San Ramon’s reputation as a tech-centric center for business is deserved.

If you want to make the most out of these business events, keep the following tips in mind.

The Right Place to Stay

There are several hotels in San Ramon that cater to event and conference attendees. The Hyatt House San Ramon is well-located and provides ample amenities that make it feel like a home away from home. Some of these amenities include a flat-panel HDTV, soft beds, free Wi-Fi, and a modern, 24/7 fitness center. You can choose an extended-stay suite or book a room for a few nights.

The San Ramon Marriott is close to the Roundhouse Market & Conference Center. It features an indoor pool, fitness center, and some meeting event spaces to get work done.

Bring Business Cards

You can’t go to a conference without eye-catching business cards. It’s become cool not to bring business cards since everyone has their phone on them. This is one of the biggest mistakes you could make for your business. If you don’t provide a way for people to contact you, then no one else will.

If you’re planning to attend a business conference, then bring a stack of business cards with you. Don’t have any? Make some. Your business cards should reflect your branding. It should say something positive about your business.

Design a business card depending on your ideal customers. If you deal with other businesses (B2B), then a corporate look can work. But if your business or service is quirky, then your card can be more fun. Professional print on a good card paper is crucial. You need to include your logo, business name, and contact details on the card. Remember that anything that makes your card stand out can make it even more valuable. So, take care of the finishing as it can make you money. A press operator can fabricate a beautifully printed sheet of paper, but it does not become marketable until it experiences some form of cutting, binding, or folding. However, for that, you can take the help of slitters cutters creasers machines that can improve your output quality. Keep in mind that a well-designed card can improve your chances of succeeding in the business market.

Create an Elevator Pitch

Business cards alone are not enough for events. Yes, they may are beneficial, but alone they cannot help you to succeed in the market. Before you even work on your networking skills, you should create an elevator pitch. Your elevator pitch should include your full name, what you do for a living, and why you’re at the event. In addition to these three factors, your pitch should last less than 30 seconds.

Make sure that your pitch is tailored to the event you’re attending. Practice your pitch before attending any of the conferences in San Ramon. It sounds cheesy, but practicing in the mirror works. Make sure that your elevator pitch easily flows in a conversation.

Don’t Mingle with Friends

Don’t be the stuck up person who sticks to their friend’s side for the duration of the event. Most events will provide lunch to their attendees. The food likely isn’t that great, and you’ll have an urge to eat at a restaurant. Eat at the event instead, and sit at a table of individuals you don’t know.

From the moment you sit down, introduce yourself and engage yourself with the conversation. You’ll be impressed with the connections you can make over lunch.

Attend the After Parties

The after parties are just as valuable as the events themselves. This is where you’ll get inside information. When most people have a few drinks in them, they’ll end up sharing some of their tips and secrets. That doesn’t mean you should leave the party and share everything you heard.

Don’t press for information, especially if that person is intoxicated. Get to know the person. If they want to share that information, then let them. Forming lasting connections in a relaxed environment should be your goal. In addition, don’t sit close to the dance floor or loudspeakers. It’ll be hard to get a conversation going.

Don’t be the first person to leave the party. You’ll benefit more from the after party if you stay until the end. There’s usually an after party after the other party ends, so go to that one. Don’t drink so much that you forgot everything you heard the next morning. You also don’t want to drink so much that you end up doing something embarrassing.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Once the event is over, your work is done. Or is it? You should follow up with every contact you made at the event. If you don’t follow up, then you’ll never build any business relationships.

While meeting something new is great, if you don’t get to know them, you won’t gain any value from the event. If most of the contacts don’t respond to your e-mails or phone calls, follow up again in the next few weeks. But you don’t want to become a bother. Let it go if they still don’t respond.

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