How to Resize Pictures Massively for YourWeb Blog

How to Resize Pictures Massively for YourWeb Blog

Resizing an image manually by having to adjust the percentage or pixels for each image can be frustrating. It is going to take you hours to have all the pictures resized. By the time you finish resizing the last image, you already have no time to do other important chores. A smarter way of resizing a large number of photos is to use an image resizer software like Movavi Photo Batch.

Movavi batch image resizer offers batch function for resizing the photos based on height, width, percentage, and size. With the batch function, you can reduce or increase the size of a large batch of photos in just a few seconds. Movavi Photo Batch can help you to shrink the size of a large image so that it doesn’t take up so much space on your hard disk. You can easily add image files for batch resizing by dragging them directly into the software.

You can click on files button to add the image files individually. When you want to add more than one image, you simply press Ctrl and select the image that you want. If you want to add an entire folder of images, you just click on the Folder button and select the folder that contains the images you want to resize and all the images will automatically be added.

There are several options in saving the batch of photos that you want to resize. If you want to overwrite the original photos, you can select the Save to original folder and back up originals option. If you want to save the resized images to a new folder, you can choose the Save to new folder option. There is also an option called Rename and save next to originals that allow you to rename the resized photos and save them in the same folder that contains the original image files.

Besides resizing images, Movavi Photo Batch also allow you to perform other batch photo functions such as rename, rotate, adjust image quality and convert your photos into another format. For the renaming of the image files, you can set criteria such as renaming mode, where, format, and replace name. If you have a lot of poor quality photos, you can enhance their qualities at one time. Movavi Photo Batch is able to calculate the perfect balance of brightness and contrast.

Movavi Photo Batch supports a long list of image formats including high resolution and compressed formats. If your photos are occupying a large amount of disk space, you can convert them into a compressed format such as JPEG to reduce their size.

You don’t have to read any manual to learn how to use the image resizer software. All the functions are accessible by buttons that can be found on the right bar. In just a few clicks, you can perform the batch photo functions you want. The software is very efficient at resizing photos in batch and it won’t get stuck when you try to resize a large number of photos at one time.

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