Some of the best designs that work well on bespoke printed bags

Some of the best designs that work well on bespoke printed bags

Getting the design right on any product of material that you want to reflect your brand in a positive light is a vital part of good marketing. If you are business that makes use of printed paper bags, having a well-printed design with the right colours and patterns will increase the use your customers get out of the product.

If you go with an expert paper bag manufacturer you should have the option to create a bespoke printed bag, perfect for your requirements. Here are some of the best designs that you may want to try out on your new bespoke bag.

  1. Paisley printed bags

Sometimes sticking to the classic designs that have been loved for decades is a good way to go with your bespoke printed bag. The Paisley design which originated in the Middle East is currently very popular on ties, clothes, and increasingly printed bags. The design works well in a singular colour or a more vibrant multi-coloured look. If you are buying a bespoke printed bag you should be able to choose a colour scheme that perfectly matches your brand.

Keep in mind that Paisley may not be the best match for your brand depending on where you are positioning yourself in the market; however, they can make interesting ‘one-off specials’ that can help generate some interesting in your brand.

  • Simple block colour bespoke bags

If you are aiming for the upper echelons of the market, you may want to stick to a more minimalist design for your bespoke printed bag. If this is the case, a simple design with more subdued colours will work best. You can also incorporate your logo onto the design as well; perhaps in a colour that complements the rest of the bag.

  • A bag with a logo focused design

Having the logo clear and visible on your bespoke printed bag is good for brand awareness and has proven links to repeat business further down the line.  By giving your customers a bag with a logo on, you will be reaffirming the purchase in their mind and make the whole buying experience feel more professional.

Designing a bespoke printed bag

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