The Best Way to Earn Money

The Best Way to Earn Money

When the world’s biggest search-engine (and the only one worthy of having been made into a verb) releases its annual list of the most searched terms in the world, we always find ourselves utterly puzzled at what the world chooses to occupy itself with. I mean in a world where the single most important thing is to first earn a living, we’d have thought that “the best way to earn money” would come up as the most searched phrase, every single time and without fail.

Here’s Google’s list of the top global searches of 2015:

  1. Lamar Odom
  2. Charlie Hebdo
  4. Jurassic World
  5. Paris
  6. Furious 7
  7. Fallout 4
  8. Ronda Rousey
  9. Caitlyn Jenner
  10. American Sniper

Our re-publishing of this list, made freely available by Google Trends, will undoubtedly serve as somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy, because we’re pretty certain a few readers of this post will add to the numbers by further searching some items on this list you’re not familiar with. So there’s a very good chance that these search terms might realise some high numbers in the early parts of this year, but an even bigger revelation was made upon our detailed scrutiny of this list.


It appears as if entertainment is indeed the best way to draw the attention of very large groups of people and therefore entertainment is inevitably the best way to earn money. You don’t have to be at the centre of the entertainment world though – by no means do you have to go through a transgender transformation like Caitlyn Jenner, revive an old movie franchise like the Jurassic World team, or even succumb to a near-death drug overdose like Lamar Odom (I mean let’s face it, he didn’t top the list because of his achievements on the basketball court, otherwise someone like Kobe Bryant would’ve been at the helm).

The best way to make money is through doing something enjoyable and finding a way to get paid for it. Something you’d gladly spend hours upon hours doing for the mere fact that it’s a lot of fun, but something that has the potential to earn you money while you’re doing it. Take, for example, online roulette, poker, blackjack and slots casino games that you can find on gambling sites; not only are these fun, but they also give you the opportunity to make some good money. Of course, your winning streak will largely depend on what you play and how you play it.

There are likely millions all over the world who are absolutely in love with the idea of being paid in real-time for winning the games they find on a gambling website. And the fact that these portals have the habit of offering rewards, cash back and bonus programmes makes it even better because the chances of winning can be greatly increased.

Other than online casinos, you can look at numbers three and seven on the list – these are fun games which people from all across the globe get lost in for hours on end. This reveals to us what is perhaps the best way to earn money because if you are indeed into fun games (very few people aren’t), you can earn money playing online gaming favourites that periodically pay you as opposed to frivolously playing popular games just because everyone else is doing so.

The best online casinos these days offer way more than just a platform to gamble. If you are into skill games, you can make some good money through developing and honing a winning strategy, but the true beauty of it is that you can play some games which are truly fun and still earn money. The trick is to find games you really enjoy playing and, between playing for free and periodically taking an educated chance with a few pennies, if you genuinely find some online casino favourites you truly enjoy playing, as suggested by the list, you’ll come to learn that the best way to earn money is through entertainment.

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