The Influencer’s Guide to Steady Profits

The Influencer’s Guide to Steady Profits

So the finer details of the case study to be shared can be applied to pretty much any niche, but we’re going to explore how a so-called social or digital influencer can create steady profits in a world that is growing increasingly competitive and a competitor can hi-jack whatever works for you in an instant. We’re going to explore the case of an influencer who is active in the field of making money online paired with travelling and I specifically referred to it as a “field” instead of a mere niche because that’s the kind of thinking which needs to be put into it if you’re going to grow it into a lasting success. This is not just some side gig or hobby – it is your career, starting from this moment and going forward!


Niche mapping simply refers to getting the full measure of the niche you’re in and taking stock of all the associated dynamics and processes. For an influencer in the making money online and travelling niche, these dynamics and processes formulate around aspects such as equipment (your travel bags, laptop, Smartphone, etc), organising the trips, like booking flight tickets, searching for accommodation, etc, and keeping a tab of available opportunities, like this Disney creators Lab 2.0, for instance.

Delivering solid content via the main channel

The basis of any influencer success is the core content they generate, so make sure you deliver some real, real value here. You cannot afford to be lazy and engage in practices such as copying the video content everybody else is discussing, just because it appears to have gone viral. In the case of the travel niche influencer we’re tracking, basically the guy is quite funny, so his YouTube followers religiously watch every video he uploads if only for the laughs, which means automatic monetization via the ad revenue. The quality of the video also has to be top notch, so it’s always a good idea to look into some streaming and video production services if you’re unsure of how to begin.

Otherwise he does share some really valuable content, like a recent video in which he discussed the differences between using and Agoda and why he specifically switched to Agoda having religiously used

Affiliate selling

In addition to the ad revenue monetization, for an influencer to make steady profits they would have to look towards selling products and preferably services, as an affiliate. Services sold as an affiliate are great, particularly in the MMO (Make money online) and travel niche(s) because many of these services are billed recursively, like web hosting and perhaps a frequent traveller booking every one of their flights and accommodation through your affiliate link.

Big-ticket services

To complete the equation, to enter the ranks of a steady-earning influencer you’d have to take matters into your own hands and offer a premium or big-ticket service. Use Callmart, an app to make money online through charging your followers who become clients by the minute for consultancy services such as one-on-one trip planning discussions in the case of the travel niche.

Often it is with these premium services where influencers actually make the bulk of their steady income, because some of the other monetization channels can be notoriously erratic.

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