Top 5 Self-Employment Opportunities for 2018

Top 5 Self-Employment Opportunities for 2018

Self-employment not only gives you the freedom to choose flexible working hours but also, when done right, it could boost your earning potential. If you want to break free from your 9 to 5 job or are just passionate about starting your own business, below are some of the top self-employment opportunities you should look into.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a top venture for the passionate marketer. As an affiliate, you earn commissions by promoting other people’s products. It is a lucrative way to earn for those who want to start a business that doesn’t involve selling goods or services. To get started, you only need to find high-quality products or services to promote and come up with an advertisement strategy. Products can be promoted on websites, social media, YouTube, and email among others. A well-designed website can turn into a source of passive income, allowing you to earn even when you are not actively promoting products. However, affiliate income from a blog does not grow overnight. You have to invest in keyword research and writing high-quality content. SEO, which takes time, is also essential in ranking your website to attract organic traffic.

Online Store

Another great self-employment opportunity lies in e-commerce. You can sell your own products or buy in bulk from manufacturers and resell at a profit. Examples of e-commerce platforms that online sellers use include Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Shopify. You simply register on the platforms, list your products and ship them when the customers place orders. One of the benefits of starting an online store is that you can start small, using your garage as your warehouse. As the business expands, fulfilment needs can be outsourced. This will leave you with enough time to focus on sourcing for products, marketing, and customer service.

Fitness Trainer

If you’re a fitness buff, it is safe to say that exercising is practically a hobby of yours. And a good way to monetize on that is by becoming a fitness trainer. You should, however, take up a personal trainer course in order to fit the role. This is because you would need to look at it from the viewpoint of a full-time professional and an expert with comprehensive knowledge of the dos and don’ts, and the how-tos as well. When you start to deal with clients, both high profile and regular, you should be able to help them out in their workout sessions and answer all their fitness, health and recovery-related questions too.

Over the years many people have become aware of the health benefits of staying fit and this has led to an increase in demand for fitness training. Personal trainers are among the professionals with the highest paying salaries. Also, you can get paid to design fitness programs and act as an accountability partner.

Online Tutor

An online tutor basically helps in coaching students over the internet. Tutoring jobs pay per hour and thus your earnings will depend on the hourly rate and the number of hours you take each day. In addition to coaching students, you could also earn money teaching adults a new language or skill. If you are not up for tutoring, consider designing courses and selling them on sites such as Udemy.


If you are an expert in a certain field, consider becoming a self-employed consultant. Consultancy is a fun job as you get paid to give your expert advice. However, you can only be a successful consultant if you are able to offer good recommendations.

There is so much you can do as a self-employed professional. To choose the right path, start by evaluating your interests and skills.

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