Unlock Your iPhone and Reap the Benefits

Unlock Your iPhone and Reap the Benefits

If you are no longer tied down by a mobile contract, you can unlock your iPhone. As a business traveller, what will unlocking your iPhone do for you? There are a few, but appealing benefits to unlocking your phone.

Unlock your phone for travelling purposes. If you are travelling for business, studying or travelling for the sake of travelling, unlocking your iPhone can make a world of difference. An unlocked phone will no longer constrict you to one service provider. It will allow you to choose your provider.

When you are travelling from city to city and country to country, simply switch out the SIM card when you are in a new country with new networks. This could save you or your company, a load of money. Roaming charges and international plans can be expensive every month but unlocking your phone is a one-time cost. If your company is in the market for purchasing phones for business purposes, it might be cheaper to purchase a bulk unlock instead of paying full price for new iPhones.

In order to legally unlock your phone, you’ll need to use an unlocking service. There are many unlocking services available but tread lightly as many of them are scams or they will jailbreak your phone. If jailbroken, your phone could potentially be bricked. Also, for legal purposes, as a business, it’s best to keep things straight. You don’t want to take the risk of jailbreaking a bulk of iPhones with the risk of bricking the devices.

Use a service that will unlock your iPhone using iTunes and the IMEI number. Doing it the proper way will prevent your phone from bricking and will still allow you to use your phone exactly the same. You will be able to continue to update your phone normally. Certain apps and settings need to be updated otherwise the phone will not work properly and will no longer be of use to you.

Another benefit to unlocking your phone would be to increase its resale value. People are constantly surfing to find an unlocked iPhone. This will increase the number of buyers from one service provider to people all over the world. An unlocked phone increases the resale value dramatically.

When your mobile contract has finally expired and you wish to move to a different provider, unlocking your iPhone will allow you to do this with ease at a reasonable cost. Perhaps the company you work for will pay for your service and unlock your phone to save money. This is a great alternative to buying multiple iPhones new and unlocked. You’ll want to be sure to choose the right service or else you might end up with a jailbroken phone.

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