What are the Different Paths to choose from with a Digital Marketing Career?

What are the Different Paths to choose from with a Digital Marketing Career?

Digital marketing is a field that is constantly expanding and requiring new skilled professionals to work in it.

With recent research showing that in America adults typically spend 11 hours a day interacting with online media the market is huge for any professionals entering the workforce or those planning on a career change. Keep reading to discover if a career in digital marketing is right for you.

Benefits of a career in digital marketing

If you are looking for a path to provide both a career and a way to express yourself creatively digital marketing could be the answer. All aspects require some degree of creative problem solving however the content side will allow you to get creative by producing a range of items from infographics, to blog posts and even podcasts.

There are many transferable skills from digital marketing that could benefit any career change you have in the future. Anything from copywriting to data analysis are used throughout various tasks you will complete as a digital marketer.

Find Your Specialism in Digital Marketing

The best thing about digital marketing is the amount of variety in the field. The different specialisms offer different paths to people with diverse skill sets. The data analysis required for technical SEO will require a different kind of mind than a content creation specialist for example. In case you haven’t figured out your particular set of interests, you can work with a mainstream digital marketing agency New Orleans, or elsewhere. This can help you explore the different niches, so that you can shortlist one of your interests.

Technical SEO

Standing for search engine optimisation, this specialism offers good career progression and is great for those with a strong numerical competency. Technical SEO is often thought of as a Marathon and a strong strategy expanding over the years is the way to go. This long process requires a lot of management which is where you could step in. SEO can rank a website in the top search results so that the prospect can click on the page first before they see other websites. This strategy should be regulated to ensure your page always stays on the top search results – one among many strong points of an experienced SEO agency. That is because this long process requires a lot of management, planning and foresight. As you advance with your expertise in this field, you can hire people under you and establish an SEO agency of your own gradually.


PPC offers the most immediate return for digital marketing efforts. You can create digital ads, target them for specific keywords and the beauty is you only pay when you have received a click or another form of conversion depending on the type of service that you are using

Content Marketing

Content creation is perhaps the most widespread form of marketing on the web. Strong content is the cornerstone of all marketing efforts and it is becoming more important now than ever to take a customer centric viewpoint of digital marketing.

The all-encompassing aspect of this field means it will always be in demand and can be a way for those who have a passion to write to channel their creativity into a financially viable channel.

Social Media

Social media is often the first thought of many when it comes to digital marketing. If done correctly it can be hugely beneficial to your business. It encompasses aspects of all three fields of digital marketing, and is a specialism that many millennials are opting for.

Where Can I Find Out More about Digital Marketing

If you have been sold on the idea of working in a fun and expanding yet challenging field of work then visit the experts at Varn today to find out what is involved in the day to day running of a marketing agency and a tone of resources dedicated to the topic.

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