Which tie knot would suit your business?

Which tie knot would suit your business?

Ties can be a bit of a minefield, you have a multitude of options to choose from and then you have to decide on which occasion to wear them. If it’s a formal event do you go for a black bow tie? Or can you jazz it up with a paisley wholesale tie?

One way you can stand out from the crowd with your tie is to find the right knot for it. Whether you’re going for a half or full Windsor, here are some tips on when to wear the different knots of a tie.

The full Windsor knot

The Windsor knot is a powerful statement; it creates a triangular silhouette that works well if you are entering a highly professional business environment. Many prefer tying their wholesale tie in a Windsor knot as it stands out from the standard one common in most workplaces.

The half Windsor knot

The half Windsor knot is one of the most popular ways to wear a wholesale tie. It may have been created to try and simplify the steps to creating a Windsor knot. If you are new to the different knots, this should be the one you go to first.

Oriental Knot

This knot works well if you are trying to create a more subtle aesthetic with your wholesale tie. Keep in mind that this tie does not work very well with wide shirted collars. Also, the tight knot should be reserved for printed wholesale ties, rather than more delicate silk ones.

The bow tie knot

The bow tie knot is the one option on this list that needs a different style of tie to perform. These are usually reserved for black tie events but can be worn as part of a more quirky style. Make sure you have the right wholesale bow tie for the occasion you are going to, and this knot will work wonders.

The Kelvin Tie Knot

This is a variation on the popular but bulky ‘four in hand knot’. It has a slim aesthetic and works well if you are going for a more casual look with your wholesale tie.

It doesn’t matter if you tie the knot in the perfect way; if you do not have a high-quality tie you will never be able to create the perfect look. If you are a business who wants to give your employees corporate ties to wear at work, wholesale ties are the perfect choice. This option enables you to get matching ties for your workforce, ensuring brand consistency and quality throughout.

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