Why Online Payslips Are The Future.

Why Online Payslips Are The Future.

The best time of the month for all of us, is when it’s time to get paid your salary. You have worked hard all month for this, and you have a number of things you need to pay for, and also some luxury items that you have thought about buying. The Payslips in the past, were always a paper item, that was put in your pay packet, and it listed your salary with all the necessary government deductions. Sometimes, however, due to the wage officers, poor handwriting, it was difficult to read some things and if you wanted to work out how much tax you paid or national insurance contribution, you had to go see them, to understand what was written. Thankfully, the days of paper payslips are numbered, and time is not wasted printing slips and sealing your salary envelope.


We have now become a nation of environmentally responsible citizens in the UK, and we want to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. Thankfully, our employers want to do something kind for the environment as well, and for the employer, there are huge savings to be made. Due to online payslips or ePayslips, costs have been dramatically reduced for the employer, as paper is no longer required. Just think of all those extra trees, that don’t have to be cut down to provide the paper, for this unnecessary thing.

Saves Time And Money.

Before, your payslip and wage packet was delivered by hand or by post, and this was a very time consuming thing to do. Employers had to employ someone to do this job and they had to pay for stamps, to post it to you. It took time to do, but now, epayslips are delivered to us so quickly, via the internet. The information on them is also so much clearer and much more secure. Your wage slip comes to you directly and is not sitting there for all to read, as it was before. Confidentiality is assured through the company intranet. The online payslips can also be used to convey other information to the employee, regarding other aspects of the job.

Fast And Convenient.

Most people now have a smart phone and so payslips can be delivered right to your handset. This is fantastic and when they are delivered to your phone, a message can also be sent by text or twitter, that your salary has been deposited for you. This way, you get the reassurance that money is in your bank account and you don’t have to go to an ATM to check. If you want to recheck your payslip later, this is possible and you can look at this weeks payslips or any payslip over the past year if you need to. If you need to reprint them for a loan application, this is possible due to the nature of the epayslip.

The change to online payslips or ePayslips is the smart and cost effective way to receive information about your salary. You can get it delivered to your smartphone and a message sent to you, that you have been sent your salary. It is both convenient and easy for the employee and the employer.

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