Your Favorite Movie Characters Need Injury Claims Too!

Your Favorite Movie Characters Need Injury Claims Too!

You have seen Rocky Balboa break his bones. You have seen Ethan Hunt perform mind-bending stunts that would kill an ordinary man. You have seen men fighting to beat boredom in Fight Club. Do you ever think what could a personal injury claim fetch each of these characters, if they lived in our world?

Let’s find out what some of our favorite characters could have endured?

A Broken Nose

Remember when Bianca punched Joey hard towards the end of ’10 Things, I Hate About You?’ Yeah, a broken nose like that could have attracted a personal injury claim of 2,760.

A Broken Hand

In the movie ‘It,’ Eddie is scared by Pennywise the Clown, and he falls through the window to break his arm. This personal injury claim could have brought in 5,810. Maybe a bit more than that since there would be more charges on that, especially if Eddie’s mom had the number of personal injury law experts similar to Doug Beam, P.A., or other law firms in Derry.

A Broken Leg

‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is certainly one of the most iconic movies of all time. The movie takes a crucial turn when Emily gets run over by a car and breaks her leg. In the real world, she could have received a personal injury claim of 10,380.

Spinal Injury

In yet another iconic movie ‘Mean Girls’ Regina George gets overrun by a bus while she is moving out of the school, terribly scarred by her recent emotional experiences. The bus accident leaves her with a life-changing spinal injury, which could have resulted in a personal injury claim of 141,150 or payouts from a disability insurer (click here to learn more).

Personal injury claim amount depends on the type of injury, and the extent of the monetary, emotional damage it has caused. You may get paid for your medical expenses as well as the amount of work time you lost because of the injury. As you saw in the examples above, a spinal injury that changes your life significantly will garner a higher claim than a broken limb. You’ll certainly want to get a lawyer on the case who has expertise in that particular area of injury and who serves your local area. Texans, for example, may want to learn more here about injury lawyers operating within their state if they have suffered some kind of serious injury.

What to do if you suffered a personal injury?

If you suffered a personal injury because of a person, entity, or organization, you must get in touch with a specialist personal injury solicitor immediately. They will assess your case and file your claim in the nick of time. Note that some countries like the UK have strict time limits within which a personal injury lawsuit can be filed.

A personal injury is most commonly caused because of the negligence of some parties. For instance, if a landlord forgot to fix a broken staircase because of which the tenant suffered an injury, a personal injury lawsuit becomes a possibility. Most personal injury solicitors charge a hefty fee for their services but you may be able to find lawyers who sign a conditional agreement. In this case, they would only get paid when you win the lawsuit and get compensated.

So, buckle up and start searching for a solicitor as soon as possible.

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