The Ultimate Guide for the Perfect Safety Barrier Purchase

The Ultimate Guide for the Perfect Safety Barrier Purchase

When you are considering your options regarding safety barriers, your first task is to determine exactly what you wish to protect. Once you have this information, you will find it much easier to choose the right safety barrier for the task.

Safety Barrier Placement Options

Wall Buffer

If you are looking for a barrier that would be appropriate for an area where you want to protect interior walls but forklifts and other motorised vehicles are not being used, a wall buffer is a good choice. It will be able to repel dents, scuff marks and scratches from the wall surface.


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Traffic Barriers

In areas where you need to direct and control the flow of traffic from motorised vehicles on your warehouse or manufacturing facility floor, traffic barriers are the appropriate choice. Choose from single rail models at either a low or high level. The low level version is designed with the standard wheel arch impact height in mind. If an operator were to hit the barrier, the motorised vehicle would not cause damage to racks or other structures in the building.

The high level traffic barrier is set to an impact height of 460 mm. It provides protection against medium duty vehicles.

As the name implies, the ground traffic barrier is used for low level protection. It is used as a guide for trucks and vehicles which must back up toward loading bay doors. The ground traffic barrier measures 200 mm and has an impact height of 112 mm. If they are hit, they do not buckle or dent at all, but simply assume their original shape.

However, if you want something more high-level, then a steel bollard post could also do the job quite aptly. They can help create a perimeter wall that prevents drivers who intend to trespass. They can also help prevent drivers who lose control from hitting a property.

Loading Bay Area

In the loading area, there is a lot of movement of heavy goods vehicles, and to manage that properly, these safety barriers care generally installed. Dock rollers are safety barriers that provide protection when trucks are being loaded and unloaded. Made with a high-impact polymer outer layer and a shock absorbing inner layer, the roller ensures that the product does not get damaged by friction when parked vehicles move due to changes in loading weight. The rollers move to accommodate these changes. This movement of the rollers also helps to reduce the amount of noise produced by the movement of vehicles, thus providing a quieter environment for the workers. Additionally, the rollers help to absorb any shock or vibration that would otherwise be felt by the product. It is also imperative that the pavement of the parking facility should be repaired on a regular basis to further reduce vibrations and shock to the product. This is because the product can be susceptible to vibration and shock due to changes in the pavement surface. For proper repair and maintenance, a paving contractor Greensboro (or elsewhere) can be contacted. Such a professional can analyze the pavement, determine the issues, and suggest the most effective course of action to take. They can then carry out the repairs, ensuring that vibration and shock are minimized for the product.

Among various safety equipment, the truck stopper is a common one that has been specifically designed to be used with large vehicles, such as HGVs. Once they are put in place on the concrete or tarmac, they prevent drivers from backing up beyond a specific stop point. They can bring their vehicles safely to a stop at a designated spot for parking, loading or unloading. With its highly visible markings, the truckstop can be easily seen by both drivers and pedestrians during the day and at night.


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Column Protection

If you want to protect support columns in a building, placing four bollards around the column with rails is one option that can provide extra security from accidental damage. The rails are flexible and are the heaviest duty protection in the Column Protection range.

Column protectors can also be supplied in a post and rail style. This option gives you the flexibility to choose a three or four-sided unit for columns situated in front of a wall or at the corner of two walls.

The Atlas mast and column protector is the best choice when you want heavy duty protection from impact. It was designed to protect airport columns, floodlight towers and masts. If, by chance, an Atlas column protector were to be hit by a vehicle, the impact would be absorbed and dissipated throughout the barrier, so that no force would be passed on through to the structure at all.

Pedestrian Barriers and Gates

Pedestrian safety barriers are used to demonstrate where it is safe to walk, as opposed to areas where vehicles will be using the aisles in a warehouse or manufacturing facility. These plastic safety barriers prevent pedestrians from wandering into unauthorised areas.

This traffic control system can be outfitted with a slide gate, a swing gate or a lift gate to allow people to cross at designated areas. Controlling the options for crossing to designated areas will lower the risk of accidents, as opposed to having pedestrians attempting to cross wherever they see a break in vehicle traffic on the floor.

Adding safety signs to warn workers to stay alert and to avoid specific areas unless authorised to enter that space is always a good measure to help ensure safety for everyone on the job. Reminders about wearing protective gear or that forklift trucks are being used in the area are also good messages for signage.

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